10 Things To Remember When You Travel

Ever traveled somewhere and everything goes completely wrong? In light of Kmusic’s attendance in Korea with KOFICE for Korea Joa 2015, It’s always good to travel prepared, so here is Kmusic’s “10 Things To Remember When You Travel”

#1. Research

First and foremost always do your research, this means stuff like the local law, required documentation and the area you will be staying. Most countries will allow up to a period you can tour without the use of a VISA. If you’re staying at a hotel, just quickly mark public service buildings around your area in case of emergency. Just to avoid any trouble at the airport, take documentation and prescriptions as well.


#2. Make a Checklist.

Nothing sucks more than leaving your favorite stuffed animal in a different country, so stay organized with a well thought out checklist. It doesn’t have to be too specific, just one for all the important stuff like documents, treasures, passport and your chargers.

#3. Passports and VISA’s

I cannot stress enough, Passports and VISA’s are super important. Please don’t forget your Passport on the plane like me, always keep it close and secure. If you are going to be staying for a long period of time, make sure you have the correct type of paperwork and VISA for your intended purpose.


#4. Emergency and service contacts

Always be prepared and safe. Make sure you have local emergency service contacts memorized or saved on your phone. Korea also has a tourist help line for people who get lost or don’t know where to go and the people will give you directions in English. (Details for phone services will be below)


#5. Check the Weather

Don’t you hate it when you go somewhere packed for summer vacation and find out that it’s super cold?! Make sure you look up the weather forecast during your stay and pack accordingly. But sometimes the weather can be a little unpredictable so just make sure you pack something to fight against possible crazy weather.

#6. Learn the Language

Going to Korea without knowing basic Korean is like going to a restaurant without knowing how to eat, it’s going to be super difficult if you don’t have some basic knowledge, or someone who can translate for you. So just take the time to learn the basics like asking for directions and speaking to Taxi drivers. It will make communicating so much easier.

#7. Allergies

If you are allergic to some types of foods, it’s probably best to research this. It would suck if you went there and spent your whole trip in hospital so take the time to learn how to say the allergies in korean and writing them down.


#8. Travel Insurance

Now this one is super tricky, especially if you’re young but having travel insurance can be the difference to losing an arm and a leg, or having the best possible trip ever. Travel insurance covers any costs or damages that may occur during your trip and give you peace of mind instead of a massive bill to take home with you.

#9. Travel in groups

This goes without saying really, always travel in groups. There are safety in numbers and truthfully it’s more fun enjoying something with others, Otherwise people will be staring at the weird person freaking out and taking photos of themselves and the subway posters.

#10. Have Fun

Look you’re in South Korea, now go… Explore and have the best time experiencing all that South Korea has to offer.


Emergency and Help line Links:



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