An American Review: Hwarang Episodes 3 And 4

When episode 2 ended, we were left at the edge of our seats. Both the hidden king, and Moo Myeong chased each other into a dead end, fighting each other for different reasons. Myeong chased the king to avenge the death of his beloved friend, the king fought back only to save his life. When the episode ended, Aro and Myeong are face to face. Episodes 3 and 4 reveal more about the True Bones, and their fate at the hands of the Queen. In order to shorten the recap, I will be combining both episodes.

In order to maintain entry in the capitol, as well as his life, Myeong took the role of Aro’s brother. Now going by the name Sun Woo Rang, he assumes a new identity, while trying to maintain a low key identity. However, this becomes problematic when he comes into possession of the King’s bracelet. This is dangerous, for both him and the king, for the wearer of the bracelet is identified as the King. The King tells his advisor that he has lost the bracelet, which sends both of them into a bit of a panic mode. It isn’t long before the King finds his bracelet, which is on the wrist of Myeong.

While the plot thickens for the three main characters of Hwarang, new characters are explained by the leading lady Aro. Being hired by Wi Hwa Kong to find “beautiful” men to present as potential Hwarang, she follows the various True Bones around keeping notes on them. When ready, she presents them, which explains their characters more in depth. We learn that Han Sung Rang and his brother Yeo Wool Rang are only half brothers. Han Sung is a True Bone, and Yeo Wool is not. Yeo Wool takes on the role of protector to his little brother, not only as an older brother, but as the protector to the last family True Bone.


The conflict between Sooho and Banryu escalates, almost to an amusing level. Sooho not being able to lose to Banryu, lets his ego get the best of him, which lands him in a trap set by the Queen. Of course, this ego doesn’t just stop with Sooho, but also Banryu, who refuses to let his pride go. When both receive letters challenging them to a duel, which is addressed to each character forged via their opposite, they assemble their friends and set off for a duel. Unbeknownst to them, this not only was a trap set by the Queen, but a punishment to their fathers who dared to protest the Queen’s efforts to assemble Hwarang.


The Queen is another character we learn more about, and her character is the antagonist of them all. She turns out to be even more vindictive than originally thought, even though viewers knew from episode 1 that she refused to give her son the throne, which is rightfully his. Combined, episodes 3 and 4 were her major character development. We learn of a past lover, one who was not the father to the king, a near execution, and devious plan to abuse her power. She plans to use Hwarang for evil, which was the fear of the fathers to the True Bones. However, the men who answer to the queen and the fathers to the Hwarang men, have other plans.


There is one True Bone who knows the underlying intentions of what Hwarang is really for, and that is Banryu. When captured, along with the other True Bones, he refuses to sign the Hwarang contract. In his words, he refuses to become a “dog” to the Queen, which resulted in his protest. When he witnesses his father being beat up, he reluctantly signs the contract, in hopes that he can be a change to what is going on.


Episode 4 ends on another cliffhanger. It is right before the Hwarang ceremony, and everyone is dressed in their beautiful uniforms. While Aro and Myeong are making their way to the ceremony, Aro decides to buy a hair piece for her brother. While she is looking for something nice, the crowd of people block Myeong’s view, which is perfect for Aro’s kidnapping. He notices in the distance what has happened, and chases after her. In the process, the King notices that Myeong is wearing the Hwarang uniform, the same as his, and this sends him into a panic. He cannot let Myeong go in front of the queen with the bracelet on, and he makes a mad dash to stop him. All three characters find themselves in a very scary situation.


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