Asia Artist Awards 2016 Winners: EXO Wins Big For The Night!

EXO won the Daesang 2016 Asia Artist Award. Including the Daesang, the group won the Asia Star Award, Baidu Star Award, Popularity Award, and Baekhyun won the Popularity Award in the Drama category. Thus proving to the public that these guys are still trending and going strong.


The group went on their Official Vyrl to thank their fans saying:

“모든게 여러분 덕분이에요! 감사합니다💖
#2016AAA #대상 #아시아스타상 #바이두스타상 #인기상 #백현인기상 #엑소엘최고👍

#엑소 #EXO #EXO-L”

English Translation:

2016 Asia Artist Awards It was all thanks to you! Thank you💖 #2016AAA #Daesang #Asian Star Award #Baidu Star Award #Popularity Award #Baekhyun Populairty Award #EXO-L is the best👍” cr: Daily Exo



EXO was not the only major group to be honored that night. Female idol group, TWICE and seven-member boy band, BTS both earned the Best Artist Award for the Artist category. The Best Star Award went to BLOCK B and SEVENTEEN.


For the Drama category, Park Shin Hye and Park Hae Jin won the Best Artist Award, while Park Bo Gum and Suzy nabbed the Best Star Award.

The full list of winners is listed here.

If you missed the awards, you can watch the full show down below.

Here at Officially KMUSIC, we want to congratulate everyone on their wins! Did you guys cheer for your favorites to win at the Asia Artist Awards? Let us know down below!



Sources: iTech Post, Naver, Vyrl, YouTube, Asia Artist Awards, Star dailyDailyexo Tumblr

Edited and revised by: Gigi E.




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