BTOB’s Peniel Explains The ‘PEN’ In ‘penography310’

Most of us like to use social media accounts to keep up with the world around us. We check them nearly every moment, of every day.  Over half the worlds’ population having access to a smartphone, tablet or computer,  to give us 24/7 updates on anything.  To a K-Pop fan, social media is the place to be. Chances are, you used our Facebook or Twitter account to come here just to read this article or many more. (You’re welcome.)

So when an idol gets a new account, you can’t help but click the “like” or “follow” and share the link on your own accounts to help spread the word.  You can safely and hopefully, within reason, “stalk,” your biases.

We all know that Peniel Shin already has his Twitter, YouTube Vlog, and personal Instagram account where he tells about his travels, promotes his mixtape, and BTOB (and now BTOB-Blue, where he directed their music video). Also, just about everything you want to know about the boy from Chicago. In regards to his social media accounts, many have been wondering, what the ‘pen’ in penography310 meant?

Some would think “Peniel” and photography, since his stage name is Peniel, and he loves to take photos of a lot of things. The photographic part was right, but the “Peniel” part, not so much.

Meet Pennie! Peniel’s new puppy! In this video from “penography310” Peniel tells you all about her.

She is cute and he is so happy to finally have a dog.

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Sources: Peniel’s YouTube | Peniel’s Instagram | penography310

Edited and Revised By: Sarah Smith

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