BTS Flying to U.S. With ’THE WINGS TOUR’

The seven-member group BTS is about to embark on a new tour ’BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III “THE WINGS TOUR”’ in the U.S. Powerhouse announced the group will perform their biggest tracks in two cities on the following dates.

24th March
City: Newark
Venue: Prudential Center

1st April
City: Anaheim
Venue: Honda Center

BTS´s latest songs ’Fire’ or ’Blood Sweat & Tears’ gathered a wide attention of international fans and each time these songs are performed by them on stage, the crowd goes as crazy as never before. Find BTS´s fired performance on ’Melon Music Awards 2017’ to have an idea of how hyped these two stops might be!

Stay tuned to Officially KMusic for more information and updates about this and other events. Check our calendar to see what other K-Pop events are coming to you!


Written by: Terry Alsiong

Edited by: Lina Hung

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