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While 2017 promises many wonderful comebacks of our favorite groups, we also have some great debuts to look forward to! January 3rd will see a new 12 member boy group make their official debut and they’ve already released a bunch of teasers.

As a collaboration between China’s In Hi Media Ltd. and Korea’s Global K-Center, this group consists of seven Korean and five Chinese members. They can also speak a variety of languages such as Korean, English, Chinese and Arabic and French.


Given the name ‘VARSITY‘, it’s their aim to become a globally recognized group. One of the more interesting aspects would be their inclusion of acrobatics within sharp, synchronized choreography. 

So, let’s take a look at the first nine members who were revealed through their official Twitter:

First up is Bullet, the group’s 23-year-old Korean Leader, vocalist and rapper. Of his many qualities, it’s his deep voice that stands out the most. Check out his photos below:

Next up is 20-year-old Damon. His specialty is dance and had experience of various dance crews. He is also one of the 5 Chinese members. Following him is 20-year-old main vocalist Xin, also one of the Chinese members.

Kicking off the introduction to the group’s maknae line is Riho. He currently attends the School of Performing Arts in Seoul. And next up in the line is 2000-born Dawon who stands out, quite literally, due to his tall height. Both of these members are also Korean.

Korean member, Seungbo follows. Hailing from Dubai, he speaks multiple languages, including Arab, English and French. Also add mood-maker to his list of qualities!

Next up is Xiweol, of one of Korean members. He boasts instrumental talents in the piano and guitar and also holds the position of main vocal within the group.

A global group certainly needs someone to be the language bridge between them, and this next member plays that role. Jaebin is currently studying at Konkuk University’s Korean Language Institute. He is one of the Chinese members but is also fluent in Korean.

Last up for this round is Manny. He is the group’s maknae and also the rapper. He also has a talent for acting and is described to have a very unique personality.

For the remaining three members, check out this article!

With such an array of personalities and talents, we can expect Varsity’s debut to be quite different from what we’ve seen so far. The last group who combined acrobatics in their debut was GOT7 with ‘Girls Girls Girls‘. Needless to say, Varsity will be putting their own spin on things and we can expect some music video teasers shortly.

Which of the Varsity members is your favorite so far?

Stay with Officially KMusic as we keep your updated on this group’s road to debut!


Source: NaverWow TvKpopmapTenasiaOsenVarsity Twitter          

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