Drama Review Corner: ‘7 First Kisses’ Episode 1

Do you ever feel like you’ll never find ‘the one’? Sometimes it can be hard to date around, or maybe you might not have any dating experience at all, but Lotte Duty Free shows fans that even the hopeless can find true love (and maybe more than one). A newly turned 25-year-old, Soo Jin, has never been kissed- let alone dated- until a mysterious woman tells her that her luck will turn around. Starring the hottest actors in Korea currently, join Soo Jin as she decides between a chaebol, her sweet student, a sexy secret agent, a handsome coworker, a romantic boss, a beloved actor, an adorable heir, and a free spirit as she dabbles in the dating world.

Check out the first episode below:

The first episode introduces Soo Jin as she has a sad birthday watching on as couples are happy around her. When a woman asks for directions, Soo Jin realizes that she’s left her passport behind and rushes to find the woman. Returning to her post after searching around, the mysterious woman returns and asks Soo Jin what she wants in return. The woman realizes she wants a boyfriend and claims that a handsome man will appear in front of her in 10 minutes. Who is this first man to appear? You’ll have to watch to find out!

This drama is super cute and while it is only 10 minutes long, it’s perfect and it is definitely relatable- even if you’ve had your first kiss. The adorable Cho Hee brings a load of quirkiness to the role. The first episode leaves viewers wanting more and makes you anticipate which star could be next. This will definitely lead to seven lead syndrome but it’s such a fun mini drama to watch!


Source: Lotte Official Youtube

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