Drama Review Corner: ‘Entourage’ Episodes 3 And 4

Episode 3 starts off with the four friends at a cosmetic clinic waiting for Joon and Geobuk to get a “procedure” done. From the conversation, things take a funny turn when Geobuk suggests that Joon fix his face instead of his lower region. As they joke around, Geobuk reads some comments of an article about the movie ‘War Terminator,‘ and states that fans are excitedly expecting Young Bin’s role in the movie, though it hasn’t been confirmed yet. Seated next to Young Bin, Ho Jin deducts that CEO Kim Eun Gab probably released the news as a strategic move. Young Bin then brings up that Sohee contacted him with interest in the movie. Ho Jin asks to confirm if Young Bin really wants to do do the movie, and he claims that he still wants to pursue the role. Geobuk repeatedly asks if Young Bin will really follow through with what he says since in the past, So Hee’s involvement has been his weakness.

Geobuk and Joon are then called into for their procedure and in their nervous state, hope that the nurse is a girl. But of course, things don’t seem to be that way for Joon and he unwillingly follows his male nurse.


As they are heading to the car, Young Bin gets a surprise phone call from MC Boom. As the other 3 get into the car, Ho Jin is surprised to hear Young Bin’s voice on the radio. It turns out that Young Bin was spontaneously called for Boom’s live radio segment. MC Boom then asks Young Bin if he is confirmed to work on the upcoming movie, ‘War Terminator.’ Unaware of the situation, Young Bin confirms this before Ho Jin can stop him. All of a sudden, it is revealed that Boom is with female idol group, SPICA and that they are all excited for this news. Flustered, Young Bin has no choice but to play along even though the deal hasn’t been made yet. Though Ho Jun is worried, Young Bin decides that what’s done is done and they head off.

screenshot-2016-11-25-16-55-02 Meanwhile, Eun Gab is in a staff meeting but then receives a call from CEO Jo. She asks him about the ‘War Terminator’ article, but Eun Gab denies involvement. He suggests signing the contract this week for Young Bing’s role, but CEO Jo suspiciously pushes the signing date back. Realizing something is up, Eun Gab calls his colleague at CJ for more information. Frustrated that he isn’t receiving answers, Eun Gab lashes out at his staff.

Back at the house, Geobuk is playing a computer game while recording a live stream. Joon who is busy trying to clean, scolds Geobuk for his messy room. Joon is frustrated with Geobuk’s laziness and asks when will he grow up, get a job, and pay him back. In a different part of the house, interior designer Ji An inspects the new room while Ho Jin hovers in the background. Young Bin and Joon laugh at Ho Jin’s situation, while Geobuk comes by with terrible timing asking about a DVD that looks like porn.


As Ji An leaves, the other 3 boys give Ho Jin a hard time about his shyness in the situation. As he leaves, he sees Ji An walking by and offers her a lift. In the middle of their ride, Eun Gab calls Ho Jin and embarrassingly curses him out when asked about Youngbin and the contract. Ho Jin finds out from Eun Gab that the contract won’t be signed this week which isn’t a good sign. Eun Gab doesn’t want Young Bin to get wind of the news just yet, but Ho Jin feels that he should know the truth. Ho Jin reluctantly tells Eun Gab about the conversation Young Bin had with the radio station, and he is cursed at even more for not stopping it from happening.

With the news, Eun Gab tries to find a way to get more information about why Young Bin’s deal is being delayed. He uses his sly tactics to pursue the wife of his colleague at CJ. Using a bit of blackmail and strong words, the colleague reveals that the ‘War Terminator’ director Lee Jun Ik isn’t even considering Young Bin for the movie. This news infuriates Eun Gab and he frantically finds a way to fix the situation.

While in the car, Joon notices that the ‘War Terminator’ articles have been changed to state that Young Bin’s role is not yet confirmed. This news alarms Young Bing which prompts him to call Eun Gab for more information. However, Eun Gab fakes sickness and that he shouldn’t worry about the articles and hastily hangs up. Ho Jin tries to reassure Young Bin, but Young Bin quickly realizes something doesn’t add up.screenshot-2016-11-25-17-27-21

The boys end up meeting one of Geobuk’s designer friends who needs help advertising his clothing. Despite the interesting choice of design, Young Bin agrees to wear the sweatshirt. They then head off to meet Young Bin’s eccentric stylist. She asks Young Bin about his role in the ‘War Terminator movie’ and if it’s been confirmed. He states that its still in the works, but the stylist gives some juicy gossip about the big names who have also received the script. Even more worried, Young Bin seeks out Eun Gab for more information.

Avoiding them, Eun Gab confronts CEO Jo in a comic book store to ask for a meeting with the directer. However, the director is in China and so the meeting doesn’t seem possible. Eun Gab returns to his office and finds Ho Jin waiting for him. Ho Jin asks if there are any updates, but Eun Gab brushes him off saying that he will handle everything.

Ho Jin comes home to find that Joon has prepared food and drinks in celebration of Ho Jin’s move in. Young Bin confronts Ho Jin about the movie deal, and he admits that the director hasn’t seen any of Young Bin’s works before and isn’t considering him for the role. Young Bin is upset that this news was kept from him. Ho Jin tries to reassure him that Eun Gab is handling it which is why he felt it better not to say anything.

The next day, the boys are invited to Yoo Ah In’s brand party. Young Bin is reluctant to go, but once told that Sohee will be there, he instantly agrees. At the party, they run in to Ji An and CEO Kang. They surprisingly find that CEO Kang is Ji An’s mom which disheartens Ho Jin. Young Bin also runs into his stylist again who has more juicy gossip. She tells the 4 that Yoo Ah In and Sohee were meeting and he is currently in talks for ‘War Terminator.’ Young Bin calls Eun Gab about this straight away, and upon hearing the news, he rushes off to meet Young Bin in person.

As they leave to meet Eun Gab, Ho Jin runs into Ji An. Ho Jin musters up the courage to ask about what Ji An has heard about him from her mom. Right before their conversation ends, he asks Ji An if she has a boyfriend. She denies this which makes Ho Jin happy. At that same moment, Young Bin runs into Sohee. She states that though Yoo Ah In is interested, she feels Young Bin would be a better fit. This sparks something in Young Bin.

screenshot-2016-11-25-18-02-54 screenshot-2016-11-25-18-04-23

The 4 end up meeting Eun Gab at one of director Lee Joon Ik’s favorite restaurants. As they sit down to eat, the server overhears their conversation and states that the director himself is at the restaurant. He is next door with actor, Kim Soo Hyun. The episode ends with Young Bin saying one sentence:



Episode 4 starts off with the foursome at the gym. Young Bin decides to work off the stress of the ‘War Terminator‘ deal but urges Ho Jin to set up a meeting with Eun Gab. Ho Jin calls Eun Gab who is currently at church and informs him that Young Bin is worried. They agree to meet outside of the church and Ho Jin informs Eun Gab of the stress and lack of sleep Young Bin is suffering from.


Acting quickly, Eun Gab and Ho Jin head to the church that director Lee Joon Ik attends in an attempt to set up a meeting. Unfortunately, the director refuses since he wants to work with a “real actor.” On the other side of town, Young Bin, Joon, and Geobuk are cruising around. Young Bin is still feeling a funk, and it looks like Joon soon joins him once he realizes he’s failed another audition. They end up meeting a friend who upon seeing their negative mood, suggests they go see the Lady Chopstick, a famous fortune teller for celebrities. The fortune teller gives each of the three friends very detailed predictions. Joon is seen as too feminine and needs to regain his “male energy.” Geobuk on the other hand, should do nothing and just get married. When it comes to Young Bin’s turn, she tells him to give up his current plans and stop being stubborn.


Meanwhile, Eun Gab and Ho Jin meet with CEO Jo for an update. He confronts her about the situation and doesn’t hold back about his feelings. Ho Jin is worried about the backlash of Eun Gab’s words, but Eun Gab goes on to say that the only reason he acted that way was because he believed they had already lost. They then return to the office where Eun Gab finds CEO Kang in a meeting with the directors. He is upset to find that she is planning to sell the company and walks off to meet Ho Jin.

Back in the office, Eun Gab and Ho Jun look at a stack of scripts for backup options since the ‘War Terminator’ deal doesn’t look so good. Young Bin seems to be doing fine and is letting off steam by attending a League of Legends tournament with Joon and Geobuk. While looking over the scripts, Ho Jun finds he fell asleep and is surprised to see that Ji An is seated next to him. She tells him that she is currently waiting for her mom, and gives him coffee to cheer him up. Overjoyed, he then rejoins Eungab after looking over a promising script. They then work on trying to get Young Bin onboard with the idea.

The 5 end up meeting at a bar, and Eun Gab presents the idea of a replacement project. The project is for a detective buddy movie which co stars actor, Kim Yoon Seok. Young Bin doesn’t seem interested and asks about ‘War Terminator.’ Ho Jin tells Young Bin that they tried to set up a meeting but they were rejected and that it would be best to consider other options. Young Bin goes quiet at this information and excuses himself soon after. Dejected, Eun Gab tells Ho Jin to look after Young Bin.

Back at the house, Young Bin is visibly bothered by the news and chooses to head in early. Ho Jin attempts to talk to him about it and move on from the news but Young Bin isn’t having any of it.


The next day, Eun Gab, Young Bin, and Ho Jin meet up with the CEO Ahn responsible for the cop movie, ‘Regional Investigation Unit.’ The CEO is a boisterous man who is ecstatic about Young Bin’s participation in the movie. After the meeting ended successfully, Eun Gab warns the two that the CEO is famous for his temper when things don’t go his way.


The four friends then gather together, and Joon gets good news that he was cast for a part. It looks like following his fortune worked! Young Bin then gets a text from Sohee, and the four head out to meet her for dinner. It’s then revealed that she is confirmed for ‘War Terminator’ and she gushes about her meeting with the director. She also expresses her disappointment that Young Bin won’t be taking on the role as expected.

Once back home, Ho Jin is abruptly woken up by Young Bin who was unable to sleep after thinking back on what Sohee said. He tells Ho Jin that he wants to audition after hearing Sohee speak so highly of the project. Later that day, the two set off to try and meet director Lee Joon Ik. While on the way, Young Bin gets a call from CEO Ahn who says he has a gift of small octopus for him. Feeling guilty, Ho Jin suggests that Young Bin follow through with the backup project but he refuses. He lets Eun Gab know that he thinks it’s best to let CEO Ahn know that he won’t be following through with the project. Eun Gab is then left to face CEO Ahn’s wrath.

Young Bin and Ho Jin arrive at the movie theater director Lee Joon Ik frequents and stake out a theater to wait in. After hours of waiting, they find that Lee Joon Ik has finally arrived. They end up falling asleep during the movie, but Ho Jin wakes up just in time to catch them. The director is surprised to find them there, and even more so when Young Bin brings up the movie. Young Bin and Ho Jin end up meeting the director later that night at a movie wrap party. Eun Gab meets them there to see how the interaction goes.



The two finally get a chance to meet with Director Lee Joon Ik and they sit down to chat. Just when it seems things are going well, CEO Ahn storms into the restaurant. Eun Gab tries to avoid him once again, but to no such luck. CEO Ahn confronts Eun Gab and dumps the whole container of octopus on his head! Young Bin and Ho Jin quickly exit to help him out. Eun Gab asks to see how the conversation went, but sadly it looks like the answer hasn’t changed.


Early the next morning, Eun Gab is woken up by his cell phone going off nonstop. It turns out to be CEO Jo calling, and upon answering the call, Eun Gab’s hears something that wakes him right up. He then rushes out of the house and heads over to Young Bin’s house. He wakes up the boys and quickly hands the phone to Young Bin…


Director Lee Joon Ik ends up being on the line and Young Bin is shocked when he hears that the director saw his newest movie, ‘Flowers of Evil.’ After watching the movie, it turns out that the director wants to finally work with Young Bin! Overjoyed with the news, Young Bin tells everyone the good news and they go out to breakfast to celebrate. The episode ends with Eun Gab asking Ho Jin if he as a wish. He praises Ho Jin for acting like a manager for the first time, and the two break out into wide grins. They walk off to join the rest to celebrate with their fists in the air.


Overall, I really like the dynamics of the show. There is always a decent amount of comedy and drama going on throughout. I also love seeing all the cameos as well. I like how there’s a mix of real life celebrities added in. I’m glad to see that things are finally looking up for Young Bin. The show so far is still a 9/10. I’m excited to see what’s to come in the next few episodes!

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