Drama Review Corner: ‘Goblin’ Episodes 3 And 4

Last episode, Eun Tak was kidnapped by loan sharks because her aunt owes them money. As they drive, the lights had suddenly turned out as Kim Shin, the resident Goblin, and Wang Yeo, the grim reaper, approach them.

Episode 3 continues off of the scene as the lights shatter around the car. The two loan sharks notice Shin and Yeo walking towards them when their headlights blow out. The kidnappers step on the gas and as they drive the car is sliced clean in half with Eun Tak on one side, and the kidnappers on the other, while the goblin looks on sword in hand. The god of death leans on the car, while Eun Tak cries. Shin opens the car door and Eun Tak stumbles out so he asks if she’s okay. Realizing she’s confirms that she’s fine and tells him off for cutting the car in half, he heads toward the other half of the car. However, Eun Tak is adamant that he not kill the men. At the other half of the car, it’s fallen over, therefore the two kidnappers are trapped banging on the window hurt. Shin approaches the car and tells them that while they’ll survive. But, the road will not be on the map for two days and when those two days are up the police will find them and punish them. He tells them that if it wasn’t for Eun Tak he would’ve killed them both on the spot.


As they walk down the road, Eun Tak questions if she’s dead but Shin reassures that she’s alive. During which, the grim reaper uses telepathy to ask Shin if Eun Tak will thank them, but Shin brushes it off. Eun Tak goes on about how could they bring a grim reaper to save a person while Yeo repeats about her thanking them through telepathy. This angers Shin, who bursts out yelling him to be quiet. However, Eun Tak misunderstands and thinks that he’s yelling at her.

Shin takes Eun Tak out for dinner where she asks why he came to her aid. He tells her that it was because she said to please save her and he responded. She apologizes for wasting his time and then goes on about how she did some research into her mother. She continues on saying that the grim reaper was right, and Shin had saved her and her mother 19 years ago. She assures that she won’t hate him anymore though he knows she still holds resentment. He assures that she doesn’t hate him but that she wishes that he’ll have a good life and meet someone good before getting up to leave. The goblin makes sure that she stays and eats, saying that he’ll pay for them.

The next day, Duk Hwa gives Shin information on Eun Tak showing him pictures of her aunt and cousins. He informs Shin that Eun Tak’s mother had left her a decent sum of money, but Eun Tak won’t inherit it until she comes of age. This is why her aunt is taking care of her but he didn’t see Eun Tak. When Shin inquires about the other picture in Duk Hwa’s hand, it turns out to be a selca of Duk Hwa.  The goblin then informs Duk Hwa that he wants to use the information to punish Eun Tak’s family. He then summons gold which makes Duk Hwa want to commit sins so he can be ‘punished’ as well. The gold is then magically transferred to Eun Tak’s bedroom drawer.


At Eun Taek’s aunt’s house, the cousins and her aunt mess with each other. When they go through Eun Tak’s room, her aunt finds the two bars of gold and excitedly calls her kids over. Realizing that there’s three of them but only two bars of gold, they sit to see who will fall asleep in order to determine who gets the gold. The next morning, Eun Taek’s male cousin wakes up to realize the gold and his sister are gone. The aunt and cousin rush out in an attempt to find their sister/daughter while Shin and Duk Hwa sit in a cafe. Duk Hwa babbles on while Shin is glued to the tv where a band is playing. Shin sadly remembers the king he once protected since the boy on the screen is about the same age, reminiscing about the hatred he felt. When he gets home he explains that he thinks the king had reincarnated and needs Yeo to touch him. Duk Hwa listens in and questions what’s going on but the screen switches to a girl group, amusing Shin.

The grim reaper starts his job, going to a hospital where he meets a bunch of other reapers also at work. An elder reaper tells Yeo that he has to get his special cases paperwork in before the deadline. After he leaves, a gorgeous new female reaper enters pleasing the others except Yeo. A bloody man comes in on a stretcher as the doctors rush to save him and Yeo goes to do his job. Shockingly, it’s not the man who died but the doctor who saved him, due to overworking. Yeo explains that while the doctor died his patient lived, which relieves the doctor. Afterwards while Yeo eats, he looks on at the special cases paperwork.

Eun Taek travels around on her bike but as she goes around town, the word goblin continues to appear on buses, signs, and shops. All of this overwhelms her with thoughts of the goblin, causing her to cry. Later on she sits in the library and recalls happy memories with the goblin. She lays down on the table while Shin mirrors her actions at his home. As he lays, he also thinks back to his time with Eun Tak.

At the book shop, Eun Tak looks for the goblin book where she had left the maple leaf. At the same time, Duk Hwa attempts to return a book because it holds the memories of another person. Realizing it’s the book she left the leaf in, Eun Tak offers to buy the book from him. As they sit together, he inquires why she wants the book. To which, she responds for research and then throws the question back at Duk Hwa. He informs her that he knows a goblin. Eun Tak goes on asking about it, but Duk Hwa instead rattles off about saying no to certain things until he realizes that she still owes him money. He gleefully takes his money and goes off, not realizing that Eun Tak is the one the goblin was searching for.

As Duk Hwa arrives home, he is stopped short realizing that his grandfather is there as well as Yeo. Duk Hwa makes up a story that Yeo is there to see Shin off, so when Shin comes out of his room, Yeo plays along pretending to be friendly but is promptly kicked out along with Duk Hwa. As they sit on the steps, Duk Hwa annoys Yeo to the point where Yeo freezes the steps as well as threatens him. Shin pops his head out to usher Yeo back in, but it’s time for Duk Hwa to go home where his grandfather will have a word with him. That night, Shin washes up but as he steps out there’s a cloth with ‘good night’ written in horse blood. Turns out this was written by Yeo as revenge for being kicked out earlier.

Meanwhile, Eun Tak cleans up around the chicken restaurant when suddenly, her boss Sunny calls her over. She asks if Eun Tak had been living at the restaurant while submitting evidence of a toothbrush and several sticky notes. Eun Tak flashes to many nights where she was attempting to write a note to Sunny telling her that she’s sleeping at the restaurant. Sunny assures that it’s fine and gives her a paycheck. She then asks Eun Tak to cook her squid

In a bookshop, the goblin picks out a book and begins walking around. At the same time Eun Tak cooks squid over a small stove and thinks about the car incident with Shin. Realizing that the squid has caught fire, Eun Tak blows it out but realizes that she’s called the goblin. As Shin reads, he notices his hands begin to smoke and that Eun Tak has called him causing him to smile. When Eun Tak looks, she sees Shin reading against a wall. He comes over, but she apologizes for calling him and asks why he hasn’t left yet. He talks about how he was in the middle of packing and is about to leave when Eun Tak stops him. She inquires about what she is suppose to see and how he will treat her if she sees it but Shin goes on about how she doesn’t see it. She tells him that she does see it, so he offers to buy her food. When she finishes eating, Shin asks again about if she can it, but she jokes around. He gets angered at it which Eun Tak points out, so he offers to buy her a smoothie. At the smoothie place, they just happen to run into Yeo which agitates Shin. They all sit down and Eun Tak inquires if she’s going to die today since there seems to be some relations between Shin and Yeo. But Yeo assures that he’s on her side then tries to put in her thoughts that she can see the sword but it doesn’t work. He leaves after getting a notification about work. Eun Tak questions what he was saying about sides then points out that he’s handsome.  irks Shin who takes away her drink. Eun Tak distracts him by saying another man is handsome while Shin looks at him, the man in turn is texting a lover. As the man begins to exit, a woman enters who is on the phone with her lover but Shin interjects causing her headphones to be caught in the man’s bag. As they get unstuck, Shin causes her hair to be caught in his button. When she gets unstuck, Shin then causes the woman to trip falling into the man’s arms. They both ask about their relationship statuses to reassure they’re both single.

Afterwards while walking, Eun Tak asks about why Shin intervened. He reveals that every century he encounters people who have the same face from a past life, so he intervened due to the man’s previous life. Eun Tak inquires about what his past life was and Shin tells her that the man was an awful person who used to abuse his farmers. The reason he got the two together was because they’re both cheating on their lovers and their personalities will clash, eventually leading to more suffering. After learning of it, Eun Tak reflects on her own life thinking about how while her life has been bad, some things have also been good, like knowing Shin. But she corrects herself saying it was nice knowing him. Shin asks once again if she can see it but she avoids the question and says goodbye then walks away. As she’s walking she turns back and they both share a look.

At his home, Shin takes a walk reflecting on Eun Tak and her happiness when she was with him. Duk Hwa interrupts his thoughts asking about Yeo. He then talks to Shin about wanting to become a grim reaper once he dies but Shin goes on to explain that he must commit a big sin in order for him to be a reaper. However, he stops short asking about how Duk Hwa knew that Yeo is a grim reaper. Duk Hwa informs that it wasn’t that hard to figure out since they always argue and Yeo wasn’t freaked out by the goblin’s powers. As Duk Hwa goes on about Yeo’s look, Yeo appears right in front of him. Duk Hwa sees himself off but Yeo interrupts asking the same question about how Duk Hwa knew about his job. He states that they both need to be more careful. Yeo accuses Shin of being naive and that’s why Duk Hwa knows, but Shin jabs back saying how Yeo was a murderer in his past. Yeo looks on hurt and walks to his room obviously upset. In his room, Yeo goes through a list of potential sins he could’ve done in his past life, when Shin comes in apologizing. Shin assures that it it doesn’t matter what he did in his past life because he would hate Yeo all the same which causes Yeo to laugh.


Duk Hwa talks to his grandfather about how it is that Yeo and Shin could get along. His grandfather tells him that one wants to remember his past while the other his doomed to never forget. Duk Hwa goes to Sunny’s chicken shop, which as it turns out is a building, that is owned by him. Duk Hwa inquires that he wants to sell the shop, but his secretary tells him that it’s still open so he can’t.

At the goblin’s household, Yeo attempts to sneak out but is caught by Shin. Yeo assures that he’s just going grocery shopping but Shin insists on going with him. Shin tells him that he doesn’t trust Yeo because he knows that he was going to follow Eun Tak. Yeo reassures that he’s on Eun Tak’s side, because if she is the goblin’s bride then Shin will disappear, and Yeo will have the house all to himself. This causes Shin to get angry and emit a cloud around himself to which Yeo tells him to knock it off so they don’t get caught. As they leave Shin walks out first, when Yeo follows Shin has disappeared.

Shin appears in front of Eun Tak’s house. He steps out where he runs in to Eun Tak. Eun Tak assures that she didn’t call him which he agrees and tells her that he wanted to see her. With that he takes his leave but not before telling Eun Tak that her aunt and cousins have gone and also questions why she’s there. Eun Tak tells him that she was getting stuff that she had left, which is the flowers from their first meeting. With that Shin walks away, Eun Tak looks as if she’s about to say something but holds back. Back at home, Shin packs then looks at a box which contains a black scroll.

As Yeo walks on a bridge, the mysterious Samshin stops him offering up a hair clip. He waves it away but she holds up a mirror which directs him to a jade ring, which once belonged to the queen who was killed because of Shin. As he’s about to pick it up, another hand reaches in to grab it. Yeo looks up to see Sunny and begins to cry. Sunny offers to give him the ring as long as she can get his number in return. He tells her that he doesn’t have a cellphone so she keeps the ring and almost puts it on her finger. But Yeo stops her telling her to write down her number instead. She introduces herself as Sunny and a handshake which Yeo puts his hand in his jacket and replies the name Sun Hyo. When Samshin looks in the mirror who old self reflects back at her, she states that both of them will pay a high price in the end.


Back at the house, Shin unfurls the scroll which reveals a drawing of the queen. He flashes back to looking on at her wrapped body, he moves to see drawings of the queen. As he looks over the drawings he finds one attached to a black scroll then begins to cry. As he walks out the entire place lights on fire and he flashes back to the present looking on sadly at the picture.

Sunny sits at the chicken shop, obviously upset, as Eun Tak cleans the windows. A ghost follows Eun Tak and threatens to kill Sunny until she bursts out in curses. She tells Eun Tak that she’s worried about the man she met on the bridge and how he hasn’t called her yet. In the meantime, Yeo looks at the ring and a piece of paper on his desk. He picks up the paper, which has a phone number, and looks back at the meeting. Sunny writes her number on the paper and gives it a kiss before handing it to Yeo. In his room, Yeo looks at the kiss mark sadly.

As Eun Tak walks to her home, she notices people coming in and out. A woman tells her that the house has been sold and they’re taking out everything. Eun Tak gets the bunch of flowers of looks at it sadly remembering her and Shin’s first meeting as the dead flowers blow away in the wind. At school the next day, a teacher demands that Eun Tak empty out her bag. The teacher looks through it asking where Eun Tak is keeping the cigarettes since some students accused her of smoking. Meanwhile, the student who snitched watches on. The teacher tells Eun Tak that she has no future since she’s obviously lying.

Yeo opens a can of beer but Shin uses his powers to make the can go to him. Yeo goes to sit at the table and they discuss their pasts. The table is empty save for a bunch of cans on Yeo’s side and just one on Shin’s. Shin goes in and out the door multiple times bothering Yeo who asks him what the problem is. Shin tells him that he’s trying to find Eun Tak but because Eun Tak isn’t summoning him, he doesn’t know her location. Shin goes out one last time this time taking an umbrella, finally succeeding.

Eun Tak sits on the jetty talking to her mom, she asks if her mother is okay in heaven and is upset that no one asks about how she’s doing. As she sits, rain begins to fall but Eun Tak gets covered by an umbrella which reveals Shin. Shin tells her that the rain is because he’s sad. When he asks if she’s been well the rain stops. He tells her it’s because his mood has gotten better and that he wanted to see her. She tells him it’s sad since every time she sees rain, she’ll think of his sadness. She tells him of the different stages in human life which is only told to the dead but she found out about it about through various ghosts. She asks why she’s stuck in stage one which is like children’s, but she doesn’t get the same treatment like a pat on the head or a sum of money. Eun Tak gives him the maple leaf which makes Shin begin to pat her head. As they say goodbye, it begins to rain again.


At their home, Shin and Yeo begin to freak out because the doorbell rang. Yeo finally gets the courage to open the door and it’s Eun Tak who believes she’s mistaken as she wanted to see Shin. Shin comes out and Yeo takes his leave. Eun Tak begins to freak out at the fact that they live together, but Shin interrupts asking why she was there. Eun Tak inquires as to what would happen if she saw something, would Shin be able to stay, would she have to marry him right away, and would she get money. He asks if she can see it which she assures she really can, but he tosses this notion away. She points to his chest and tells him that she sees the blade. The episode ends as Eun Tak points at the flaming blade going through Shin’s chest.

Episode 4 continues as Eun Tak asks if this means she’s his bride, and he finally confirms it. Excited, Eun Tak rattles off a handful of questions of what’s next, when Shin explains he still has to leave. He quickly changes the subject to asking why she didn’t say she could see the blade when they first met. Eun Tak goes on to explain that at first it was out of courtesy, then it was out of fear since she thought they would have to marry right away. Shin tells her to wait outside when he rushes into Yeo’s room, who is preparing for sleep. He informs Yeo that he’s finally found his bride but when Yeo mentions that it would mean Shin’s death, Shin loses his smile. Yeo asks what was wrong since Shin has been waiting for his bride all this time. Shin relays that although he has been waiting his whole life, he also has begun to enjoy life. Yeo offers to take him to the afterlife once he goes, which Shin thanks him but the doorbell begins to ring once again. Shin freaks out but Yeo reassures him as they go outside. Shin begins to yell at her but she goes over the fact that her aunt has left and the house has been sold so she’s homeless. She continues on to state that she just wants to finish her senior year and she’ll be fine with adoption. She then goes over her life story saying that her mother died, and when she was left to her abusive aunt for 10 years she thought that there was no God until Shin came into her life. All as if by fate. She goes on about how she must stay in the house despite the fact that the grim reaper lives there, and begs for help. Yeo just about spills that pulling out the sword would mean Shin’s death, but informs Eun Tak to go inside to sit and wait.

Inside, Eun Tak looks around amazed at the beautiful house and goes to explore. In Yeo’s bedroom, Yeo and Shin discuss how to move forward but Shin tells him that he has a plan. In the living room, Shin slides money over to Yeo as option one. Eun Tak slides the money back toward him and goes on about how the house would be nice to raise kids. She tells Shin about how she wants a nice and happy life with children. She asks about his ideal type and what she can do to fit it. She voices thoughts complimenting Shin, but he admits he doesn’t actually hear her thoughts. When Eun Tak was kidnapped he just knew something had happened due to her peculiar birthmark. Eun Tak asks if she can unpack, but Shin tells her to not unpack and take the money. But Eun Tak proposes an option four.

Duk Hwa comes home to his grandfather, but when he opens the door Eun Tak is standing with him. The chairman hands Eun Tak a card and tells her that Duk Hwa lives above her and will be there as her servant. Duk Hwa begins to protest but his grandfather informs him that she is the key to getting his credit card back, so he happily complies. Once they’ve both gone, Eun Tak runs around the house getting excited about having a suite of her own. But as she lays down she realizes that she’s completely alone. Outside Duk Hwa questions his grandfather further about Eun Tak, but his grandfather continues that it’s just about his cards. Duk Hwa bursts in to Shin’s house asking about the mysterious girl, but is stopped short when he sees Shin with three bottles of pills in front of him. Shin goes on to explain that they’re for anxiety, bipolar disorder, and insomnia because he’s had a cacophony of feelings lately. Duk Hwa continues to question about it when Yeo walks in and takes the same three pills in his hand because of the girl on the bridge.

While Eun Tak works, Samshin is on the tv in the back ground explaining the symptoms of anxiety, bipolar disorder, and insomnia. At the goblin/reaper household, Shin goes through each symptom.  In the kitchen, Shin becomes aggressive when Yeo talks about his upcoming death. After going back and forth, Shin breaks down and cries.

As Eun Tak attempts to find her way to school, it begins to rain and she thinks of Shin. Shin in the meantime sits in his home looking on at the maple leaf while it continues to poor. Before Eun Tak is about to leave, an expensive car rolls up. Out pops Duk Hwa who offers her a ride to school. They arrive at her school where Duk Hwa makes a big show, prompting fellow students to utter Eun Tak’s name. Duk Hwa is taken aback realizing that he’s currently assisting the goblin’s bride and pieces everything together. He mentions about her aunt and the punishment which switches to Eun Tak’s family.

Meanwhile, Eun Tak’s aunt and cousins sit at a jeweler where the clerk is inspecting the gold. The aunt makes a story up about how it was by inheritance and the jeweler is shocked by the high quality of the gold. The aunt and cousins land themselves at the police station where the police officer explains the gold was stolen. The aunt attempts to explain that the gold belongs to her niece but when the police officer asks what her niece’s name is, no one can remember. The officer then inquires about where the family llived, but they can’t remember that either.

Yeo eats while Duk Hwa sits across from him. As Duk Hwa rattles off about the goblin’s bride, Yeo continues on his own depressed state and freezes the bowl over. Duk Hwa brags about how special the bowl is to Shin, which makes Yeo freeze the bowl more to the point of cracking it. Duk Hwa inquires about the woman that made the reaper cry, which Yeo shares the full interaction going through her features. He gets an idea when Duk Hwa continues on about Sunny’s lips and what exactly happened. After leaving Duk Hwa, Yeo waits on the bridge looking at every passing woman attempting to find Sunny again.

In an unknown hospital, an elderly man passes away. Back at the house, Shin gets dressed in a suit which Yeo questions. Shin asks if Yeo has ever worked abroad but questions his English skills. Yeo attempts to speak English but Shin laughs at him. Yeo then asks if he wants to die abroad and that’s why he’s asking.

At her new home, Eun Tak looks around trying to find someone. As she does homework, she wonders where Shin has gone and why he hasn’t visited. She goes to his home with a large candle demanding that Shin come out or she’ll keep blowing out the candle until he appears.

The elderly man who had passed walks through a hall to the grim reapers room, as he opens the door he turns into a young boy. Inside sits Shin who looks fondly at the boy remembering how he saved him from an abusive father. Shin goes over the boy’s life, saying how he was a lawyer and helped many people. The reason Shin had seem him was because he was one of the only people who Shin had helped that hadn’t looked for another miracle again. The boy had changed his own life without the help of miracles. After much praise, the boy asks where he’ll be going next and Shin points out the way to the afterlife. As the boy grabs the door he turns into an elderly man once again. On his way up the stairs to the afterlife, Yeo comes to Shin and asks why he took over the job of a reaper but Shin doesn’t give a straight answer.


Shin leans against a wall when he begins to smoke. Inside her apartment, Eun Tak looks on at a blown out candle as hundreds more surround her. Shin appears in front of her which she goes off on right away because he’s been avoiding her. She continues on and on about his avoidance and claims that she’ll blow out every candle so he will stop avoiding her. He again avoids the question by asking where she got the candles, which Eun Tak says was provided by Duk Hwa. She goes on once again about how he avoids her to which he replies that he’s been preparing for something. When Eun Tak tries to figure out what exactly Shin is preparing for, he asks her if she’s eaten. Realizing she won’t get anywhere she agrees to go get food.

At a convenience store a very drunk Shin causes a ruckus after just two beers. Shin offers to buy Eun Tak the whole store which amuses Eun Tak but she tries to get him to be quiet. They go for a walk where Shin insists on walking her home despite that Eun Tak said he could disappear. Eun Tak inquires about her third wish to get a boyfriend, but Shin tells her not to wait up since he won’t let her date. Eun Taek wonders about it raining when he’s sad, what happens when he’s happy, but Shin refuses to answer. She then asks about his previous brides, but Shin explains that Eun Tak is his first and last bride. When she tries to go on about why the last, he simply says that’s what he decided. He tells her that she’s the only one who can pull the blade out, and nearly spills that it will kill him. But he quickly covers up by saying it’ll make him pretty, to which Eun Tak relates it to other fairy tales. They agree to meet at the first snowfall to pull out the blade.


The next day as Eun Tak walks, she notices a lot of people taking pictures. As she approaches the location, she notices cherry blossoms blooming. Duk Hwa throws down newspaper after newspaper in front of Shin scolding about how cherry blossoms have bloomed despite it being autumn. Duk Hwa gives him a talking to about being drunk and asking what made him so happy, but Shin tells him that he doesn’t know. As Duk Hwa and Shin go out to eat, Shin notices Yeo sitting at the table Duk Hwa pulled out but Yeo has his hat on so only Shin can see him. Yeo and Duk Hwa watch a drama on television about love which gives off a big reveal. When they go outside, Shin sees Duk Hwa drinking milk which flashes to an image from the night before of Eun Tak drinking milk which freaks him out. After Duk Hwa says something, it triggers Shin again who remembers mentioning pulling out the sword to Eun Tak. Shin freaks out again then goes to Yeo, who’s still wearing the hat, and tells him that he told her about the sword. Yeo makes a snarky remark about Shin’s doom, to which Shin threatens to burn his hat. A man passing by notices Shin, seemingly speaking to himself, but Duk Hwa plays it as if he doesn’t know Shin.

Sunny gets her make up done while she questions why Yeo hasn’t called her yet. The make up artist assures that it’s just the guy playing hard to get but Sunny doesn’t believe it. All dolled up, Sunny waits on the bridge looking for Yeo. At the same time, Yeo walks but every person he sees is Sunny. At her restaurant, Sunny stares out the window which makes Eun Tak question who she’s waiting for. Sunny wistfully replies a king on a white steed.

At school, Eun Tak looks at the card the chairman gave her, when a group of mean girls take it from her. As they tell her off for hanging out with all sorts of guys, a cigarette suddenly appears in the leader’s hand. The teacher, who had once told Eun Tak off for the same thing, catches the girl red handed but the girl tries to blame Eun Tak. Another classmate confirms that the leader had made up the story of Eun Tak smoking. When the teacher passes by a table, a bunch of ghosts sit on it, proud of themselves for helping Eun Tak. Outside they follow Eun Tak still proud of their accomplishment, making sure no one is around she thanks them quietly. They become frightened and leave when a car pulls up. Shin comes out of the car and ushers Eun Tak in. They drive until Shin stops on the side of the road where Shin tells Eun Tak to wait in the car. As he steps around to open the door, Korea turns into Quebec.

While they eat, Shin asks about the what the sword looks like to Eun Tak out of curiosity. She describes the tiger on the hilt and then asks about how he got the sword stuck in his chest in the first place. He sadly says that it was done by a person he never thought would. Realizing it’s a painful story, Eun Tak moves on and asks about Shin’s real age. He replies that he’s 939 years old to which Eun Tak apologizes, but tells him that it must be great to live such a long life. Shin asks what she would feel like if she had to be immortal and she replies that it would be fine because she has him.

As they go for a walk, Shin explains that while he’s lived a long life he’s accepted his fate which made him realize there’s nothing worth grieving over for thousands of years. They stop at a fountain where he asks what she’s looked up about him, she goes on to spout some information she’s learned on goblins. She mentions that they don’t want a family which is why he had abandoned her. He explains that it’s not because of that but to make her think over becoming his bride. He asks if she really wants to be his bride and she interprets that it’s about her as a person, that he keeps talking about her being the bride because he doesn’t like her. She offers to take out his sword but he runs away when she attempts it. She inquires about his magic bat that she had heard about, which he responds by conjuring up a sword with water. They begin to play around by the fountain with Eun Tak trying to splash him. When he uses teleportation to avoid her she asks about what powers she has since all she can do is see ghosts, but he assures her that she’ll get powers. Not believing it, she then tells him to wait for her because she has some business to do. She gives him a book of poems and threatens that even if he leaves, she can summon him once again. Eun Tak goes to the hotel she had previously been to and writes a note, when then puts it through the mail slot. At the same time, Shin reads the book of poems. He sees Eun Tak across the street and recites a beautiful love poem as she plays with the crosswalk that changes colors under her feet. As the episode ends, Shin finishes the poem smiling at Eun Tak as she smiles back.


After a tremendous premier, this show has been anything but lacking. As ‘Goblin’ continues to climb in ratings, the show continues to rise in quality. Obviously the most favorite couple being our goblin and grim reaper. Watching their bromance is one of the most entertaining things I’ve ever watched. Especially since I’m being told constantly to stop laughing so loud by my roommate but it’s so hard not to. Sungjae brings a whole new dimension as Duk Hwa and I’m so happy that he’s the reason I knew about this show. I am slowly falling for the ever adorable Dong Wook as he continues as an adorable reaper especially in that first meeting of Sunny. His reaction to the goblin’s doom also made me happy because the friendship has begun to grow so much. I absolutely love Eun Tak, I think her big personality and innocence adds to the show itself. While there’s a lot of critics about her age to the goblin, it needs to be remembered that they’ve shown no real sexual romance to it. There’s a bunch of people thinking of them doing a time jump which seems very likely and I’m anticipating seeing more romance added. I can’t wait as all the couples begin to come together especially after the first meeting of the reaper and Sunny!

Of course it’s a 10/10, this is by far one of the greatest shows of 2016 and the chemistry is just unreal!

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Edited by: Gigi E.


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