Dream Catcher Gives Us An Insight To Their ‘Nightmare’ Debut Single

Dream Catcher will be having debut this month! Prior to this, the girls have released a preview of their single! Dream Catcher will be releasing their first single titled ‘Nightmare‘. It features three tracks including the introductory track, ‘Welcome To Dream‘, the title track, ‘Chase Me‘ and ‘Emotion‘.

Check out the preview below!

From the preview video, it shows that the girls are multi-talented, with their tracks ranging from a very intense introduction, to a very upbeat track, and then to a soft and smooth ballad! The short snippet of the introduction definitely showed a very dramatic use of drums and sounds that gives off a metal vibe.

This introduction fits well with their recently released concept videos, that showed off creepy, witchcraft activities. The title track, ‘Chase Me’, displayed very strong uses of an electric guitar that oddly enough fits with their youthful voices. Lastly, ‘Emotion’ is a filled with a beautiful melody that compliments their vocals.  It is definitely building anticipation for the full release and I can’t wait for their debut!

Dream Catcher will debut on the 13th of January so be sure to stay tuned with Officially KMusic for more updates! Are you excited for these girls’ debut? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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Source: Happyface Entertainment Youtube Channel

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