Eastern Sidekick’s “Making of” Interview

In this interview, Eastern Sidekick go into detail about each track on their new album, “Hammer Lane.” And there are English subtitles!

Watch the video here:

Han Kyeol, the main lyricist of the group, answers the questions pertaining to each song.

Sloppy Night

He describes the song as, “The story about man who has endured exhausting days, and ends up giving up during one enduring night, its about despair.

Teeth and Sweat

Its about an empty man without thought and choice.” He also stated that, “[when it came to the song] We cared about making better guitar parts rather than using many chords.


To Han Kyeol, it is the saddest song on the record, and reminded him of “Inefficient Men” and “Incandescent Lamp” from the group’s first album. This song is also the oldest song that he had written for the album.

Monochrome Cartoon City

Han Kyeol says that he finds the song, “Refreshing. I believe the song was written with the band’s own unique style.

Indeed, though rookies whom debuted in 2012 with their debut album, “The First,” Eastern Sidekick is a force to be reckoned with, harboring a unique sound and style all their own.

You can pick up their latest en devour, “Hammer Lane” on iTunes!



Source: Fluxus YouTube 

Article by: KareBare

Edited by: Karolina

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