Experience South Korea For Korea Joa 2015

You’re invited! Experience South Korea with Kmusic!

Officially Kmusic is honored to receive an invitation to tour South Korea with KOFICE and the Korea Joa Project! The Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange (KOFICE) was created to support the further advancement of the Hallyu wave through diverse forms of cultural exchange with the international community. The KJ Project or Korea Joa (phonetically dictated of a word 좋아, which means ‘like it’ in Korean) offers the opportunity for media from around the world to learn more and experience South Korea and share those experiences with their followers.

The Hallyu wave began with the hit drama ‘What Is Love‘ in 1997 generating interest in Korean dramas and music that would spread from China, through Asia, Europe and North America, and is now spreading to South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Siberia.

Kmusic will be part of an international KPOP and Kdrama media team that will have the opportunity to experience an array of cultural experiences South Korea has to offer.

We’ll be sharing our Kmusic correspondent’s experience throughout the trip through articles, Facebook posts, and Vlogs. Make sure to follow Kmusic as we share the South Korea Experience as it happens. The experience starts September 30th.

Stay tuned with Officially KMusic because we bring you all the latest news from Korean Entertainment!

Source: KOFICE

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Sarai Santiago

Sarai Santiago

I'm from Orlando, FL. I have always been interested in Asian culture and languages. I am currently learning Korean and Japanese. I got into KPOP after being hospitalized in 2008 and happened to come across a DBSK/TVXQ music video. DBSK/TVXQ started it all and the first K-Drama I watched was Mary Stayed Out All Night, I've been hooked ever since. My favorite groups to listen to are BIGBANG, 2PM, B2ST (BEAST), f(x), VIXX, Super Junior, AOA, EXO, TEEN TOP, TOPP DOGG, INFINITE, 100%, BLOCK B, miss A, 2NE1...honestly I love them all! I'm also a huge fan of R &B, Hip Hop, Trot, and other music genres.



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