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Finally Pledis Girlz Lets Us Know Their Official Group Name!!

Pledis Girlz are just a few more steps closer to debuting! Pledis Entertainment has finally given the girls an official group name! Pledis Girlz is a 10-membered trainee group that has been working on a debut project. The group consists of IOI‘s Lim Na Young and Zhou Jieqiong, Eunwoo, Kyla, Kyungwoon, Minkyung, Siyeon, Sungyeon, Yebin and Yewon. Most of the girls participated in Produce 101.

pledis-girlz-profile13The girls have announced their new group name at various places including at their concert, on Facebook and on Vlive app. Finally the girls are getting their official group name! Any clues what it will be? They will be now called Pristin! Pristin comes from the combination of the word ‘prismatic’, which means bright and wild, and ‘elastin’, which is defined as flawless strength and the idea of becoming top stars. What an incredible combination of words that give such deep meaning. How do you like their new name?

The girls also have been participating in a project titled as ‘Pledis Girlz Debut Project‘. This project allows the girls to do full covers of super popular tracks in K-POP. The girls not only show off their amazing dancing skills but they also fully cover the singing and the rapping of these tracks. So far the girls have done a cover of Seventeen‘s ‘Adore You‘ and Girls’ Generation‘s ‘Catch Me If You Can‘. Check it out down below!

The girls have also covered their label sunbae group, Seventeen. Pristin definitely showed off their amazing vocals with the track ‘Adore You’. They also showed our great they are at singing and rapping. On top of that, their dance choreography for ‘Adore You’ was super cute and adorable. They have done a wonderful group with covering such a great track! It is certain that their sunbae will be very proud of them!

In their second cover, they have done another amazing job at covering Girls’ Generation’s ‘Catch Me If You Can’. The girls have definitely placed a lot of effort into making these covers, from recording it themselves to learning the dance choreography. Their efforts can be shown through their sharp arm movements to their strong voices! Unfortunately, it seems that Siyeon wasn’t able to participate in the cover due to her ankle injury. However, she was still seen in the video, acting as a reporter! This debut project has allowed fans to learn and see what Pristin is made of, which definitely got fans anticipating for their debut!

What did you think of their new name? What are your thoughts on Pristin? Will you be looking forward to their debut someday? Let us know in the comments below!

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Source: Vlive Website, Pledis Entertainment Youtube Channel

Edited by: Gigi E.

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