Introducing the Korea Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE)

Officially Kmusic was cordially invited to participate in a cultural exchange program with the Korea Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE). The mission of KOFICE is to raise the national brand awareness of Korea through the arts, culture, fashion, and industry. KOFICE is a non-profit organization working under Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The Korea Joa Project is a cultural exchange program that will have several international entertainment reporting media groups collaborating and sharing in this amazing experience. Fifteen people, representing nine nations will gather to experience the history, culture, arts, and food that is making Korea more visible to a global market and audience.

KOFICE has taken on the task to be the center for information regarding the Hallyu wave and promote academic and non-academic events to the global community. They continually work on conducting systematic research on trends of the cultural industry and development plans. It is KOFICE mission and dedication to promoting public awareness of the importance of the cultural industry and cultural exchange.

Previously KOFICE has hosted or sponsored events around the world such as:



The 2015 Hallyu Community Com-On Project in Britain held on August 9th – A K-POP flash mob performance was held to the at the London Korea Festival, held under the Korea Culture Centre UK, Korea Culture and Content Agency, and Korea Tourism Organization Launching as a special event with PSY‘s video message just before the performance by f(x), the flash mob performance included hits like PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’, 4minute’s ‘Crazy’, f(x)’s ‘Red Light’, and ‘Bang Bang Bang’ by BIGBANG.

Korea japan friendship festival2.jpg

Korea-Japan Friendship Festival held on February 6th – 8th in association with the 66th Sapporo Snow Festival to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Korea-Japan relations. The event was co-hosted by KOFICE, Sapporo Tourism Agency, and NPO Japan Korea Cultural Exchanges Society, the first joint culture festival involving two nations commemorated the 50th anniversary of diplomatic nations and exchange of goodwill through cultural exchange.

Check out this promotional video from KOFICE and how they help promote Korea and the Hallyu wave.

Officially Kmusic is excited to partner with KOFICE in bringing you the Kmusic Korea Joa Experience! Be sure to follow us online, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as we take you along on this exciting adventure!

Stay tuned with Officially KMusic because we bring you all the latest news from Korean Entertainment!

Source: Korea Foundation for International Cultural Exchange

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Sarai Santiago

Sarai Santiago

I'm from Orlando, FL. I have always been interested in Asian culture and languages. I am currently learning Korean and Japanese. I got into KPOP after being hospitalized in 2008 and happened to come across a DBSK/TVXQ music video. DBSK/TVXQ started it all and the first K-Drama I watched was Mary Stayed Out All Night, I've been hooked ever since. My favorite groups to listen to are BIGBANG, 2PM, B2ST (BEAST), f(x), VIXX, Super Junior, AOA, EXO, TEEN TOP, TOPP DOGG, INFINITE, 100%, BLOCK B, miss A, 2NE1...honestly I love them all! I'm also a huge fan of R &B, Hip Hop, Trot, and other music genres.



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