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Jae’s List of 8 Must Experience While in Korea

The Kmusic Korea Joa 2015 experience is about to begin! We all want to go to Korea one day and experience the food, music, and culture the country has to offer. You probably have a list of things you want to see or do. Jae is currently on his way to Korea and is excited to share with you some of his favorite things to do and see.
Here’s Jae’s List of 8 Must Experience things to do or place to go while in Korea.
1. Taste banana milk, because you just have to try it at least once.

Banana Milk best-1-2

2. Research the entertainment companies your favorite idols are from and check if they offer tours. You never know, you might bump into your bias!


3. Cube Café. Can you just imagine having a drink of a nice hot or cold beverage and you look up to see your favorite group walk in for some refreshments.

cube cafe - tumblr_m6zxei5lec1r7gyweo1_500

4. MyeongDong – Shopping! You know you want to dress like an idol.

myeongdong 3943993703_9edf4d6a9d

5. Hongdae – party like a rockstar or should I say Kpop Star at a nightclub.

hongdae 650-

6. Visit a Dog or Cat café. You know you need some cuddling time.



7. N Seoul Tower…bring a padlock.


8. Banpo Bridge + Chicken + Beer (if you are 21+) if not just check out the light and water works.

Banpo Bridge

What’s on your, must experience list?

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Sarai Santiago

Sarai Santiago

I'm from Orlando, FL. I have always been interested in Asian culture and languages. I am currently learning Korean and Japanese. I got into KPOP after being hospitalized in 2008 and happened to come across a DBSK/TVXQ music video. DBSK/TVXQ started it all and the first K-Drama I watched was Mary Stayed Out All Night, I've been hooked ever since. My favorite groups to listen to are BIGBANG, 2PM, B2ST (BEAST), f(x), VIXX, Super Junior, AOA, EXO, TEEN TOP, TOPP DOGG, INFINITE, 100%, BLOCK B, miss A, 2NE1...honestly I love them all! I'm also a huge fan of R &B, Hip Hop, Trot, and other music genres.



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