K-EXCLUSIVE: EU Theatre – The Jewel of Korean Theatrical Performance in Australia

Last September, KMUSIC was given the pleasure of viewing the EU Theatre’s latest theatrical performance ‘구운몽 2 (Goowoonmong 2)’ or A Dream of Nine Clouds 2’ at the Parramatta Riverside Theatre. Directed by the talented Hae-yun Kang, the sold-out performance had audiences captivated by the incredible sets and talented actors as they were transported to the scene of murder in Korea’s Joseon Dynasty. Raising questions about the human condition, women’s rights and existentialism, the play depicts a murder mystery that only gets more intriguing as the plot develops. The artful use of stage lighting and dramatic soundtrack truly set the tone of the play, drawing audiences in and elevating the emotional acting to edge-of-your-seat anticipation.


Established in 2010, the EU Theatre has been the recognised leader in Korean theatrical performance in Australia, boasting dozens of shows at prestigious cultural events including the Sydney Korean Festival 2016 and the Deaf Ministries International Show(국제 농아 선교회-2013). With the aims to influence a new Australian-Korean generation with their cultural works, the EU theatre never fails to deliver quality performances and unforgettable stories.


The EU Theatre has once again produced an enthralling performance in Goowoonmong 2. Long after the curtain has gone down, the mystery surrounding the play and concepts explored will certainly still linger in your mind. We at KMUSIC eagerly await the EU Theatre’s next performance!

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Photo credit to Michael Min Ha Kim

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