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Korea Joa 2015 – First Night Recap

Korea Joa 2015 has officially begun!

Jae has made it safely to S. Korea and took some fun pictures of his trip to his hotel, the orientation from KOFICE and dinner, and he even had some time to go on a little adventure.

Jae began his journey to Korea from Australia, transferring in Hong Kong and flying into Seoul. He was delighted to learn that he would be staying at the world-renowned brand the Ritz Carlton Seoul. The Ritz Carlton Seoul is located in the upscale Gangnam area of Seoul. When you enter into the doors of the Ritz Carlton Seoul you will be transported back to an 18th-century European palace. The Ritz Carlton provides outstanding customer service from the moment you walk in the door and pay particular attention to the details.



At the orientation dinner and presentation, international media were greeted with this sign showcasing their company logos as part of the 2015 International Online Opinion Leader Invitation for Korean Culture coverage Project otherwise known as the Korea Joa Project. Is this not an awesome image to see? International media outlets all together for one purpose, to showcase the cultural wealth of Korea to the masses.


For the foodies,here are some images of the delicious meal prepared by the Ritz Carlton’s very capable Culinary Art’s department. I don’t know about you but I’m getting hungry just looking at these.




After the dinner there was a short presentation on what to expect during their time in Korea. The international media were also greeted by the General Director of KOFICE Kim Deok-Jung who said a few words …….“Since you are investing your precious time into this program during these 10 days in Korea I’ll try my best to support the coverage and other schedules to help you understand more about Korea and Korean culture. Moreover I hope meeting other participants in this project will give you further insight to the Korean market to the rest of the world. I hope this time will be a great memory for everyone as they broaden their networks and enjoy everything South Korea has to offer. I am confident our project Korea Joa 2015 has launched successfully. I sincerely hope that your visit in Korea will be pleasant…”

Here’s Jae with General Director Kim Deok-jung of KOFICE.


While the night was still young Jae and a few of the other media members venture out to several nearby entertainment companies to see if they could catch a sighting of an idol or other celebrity entering or leaving the offices.



Make sure to check out Jae’s vlog to see more of his adventures in Korea.

Stay tuned with Officially KMusic because we bring you all the latest news from Korean Entertainment!


Source: Ritz Carlton Seoul

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Sarai Santiago

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