Kmusic Korea JOA 2015




#1:  Experience South Korea With Kmusic

Officially Kmusic is honored to receive an invitation to tour South Korea with KOFICE and the KJ Project! The Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange (KOFICE)… Read More

#2:  Introducing the KOFICE

Officially Kmusic was cordially invited to participate in a cultural exchange program with the Korea Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE). …
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#3:  Korea Joa 2015 – Things to Expect

Get ready to explore the wonderful culture of South Korea with Officially Kmusic as we embark on a journey with other international media for KOFICE’s Korea Joa 2015. …
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#4:  10 Things To Remember When You Travel

Ever traveled somewhere and everything goes completely wrong? In light of Kmusic’s attendance in Korea with KOFICE for Korea Joa 2015, It’s always good to travel prepared…  Read More

#5:  Jae’s List of 8 Must Experience While in  South Korea

The Kmusic Korea Joa 2015 experience is about to begin! We all want to go to Korea one day and experience the food, music, and culture the country has to offer. You probably…  Read More

#6:  Korea Joa 2015 – First Night Recap


Kmusic Korea Joa 2015 has officially begun! Jae has made it safely to S. Korea and took some fun pictures of his trip to his hotel, the orientation from KOFICE and dinner, and… Read More

#7:  Korea Joa Visits Busan

Officially Kmusic and KOFICE invite you to join us in Busan for the 20th Annual Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). The Busan International Film Festival… Read More

#8:  Kmusic Celebrate iKON’s Debut Showcase in Seoul

Celebrating the YG Entertainment rookies long awaited debut, fans have finally been given what they have all been asking for. Today marks the official debut of the…  Read More

#9:  Korean Cooking Class and Tour the Sights of Seoul

Jae and the Korea Joa team had the honor of attending a special cooking class at the Food & Culture Academy, an educational institution of Korean culinary culture…  Read More




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