Lee Jong Suk And Suzy To Potentially Star In New Drama!

Two of the biggest names of K-drama have met with a production team to discuss a new drama!

Lee Jong Suk and Suzy have been talking about joining ‘While You Were Asleep‘ (unofficial title), written by Park Hye Ryun. Park Hye Ryun has wrote Jong Suk’s hit show ‘Pinocchio,’ as well as Suzy’s drama ‘Dream High‘.

While sources say that they’ve discussed the drama, only Jong Suk has confirmed to be in it.

The drama is about a woman who’s horrible dreams come true and a prosecutor who helps prevent the events she predicts.


The two have had a good run of dramas, Lee Jong Suk starred in ‘W‘ and Suzy starred in ‘Uncontrollably Fond.‘ Both of which gained massive amounts of attention. While their hiatus will be cut short, K-drama fans will sure be in for a treat if they both say yes!

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Sources: XSports News  | Donga 

Edited by: Gigi E.

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Kat Varsos

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