MBLAQ’s Mir Leaves “Real Man”, to Be Replaced By ZE:A’s Hyungsik

On June 2nd, Mir of MBLAQ bid his farewell to MBC’s “Real Man. “

He wrote on his Twitter, “I have exited ‘Real Man’ as of today..I should have done better and shown a more solider like image, but I couldn’t, so I’m apologetic..If there is ever a chance to go back on the show, I will do my very best… Please continue to watch and cheer on ‘Real Man’!”

Mir will be replaced by ZE:A‘s Hyungsik.

“Ream Man” is a variety shows with six male celebrities who enlist in the army to experience military life. Despite back pain, Mir courageously went through hard training and excelled in his tasked during his time on the show.

On another note, MBLAQ is currently preparing for their comeback that is set for June 4th.



Source: mwave

Article by: Karolina

Edited by: KareBare

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