Minho Is A Force To Be Reckoned With In ‘Derailed’ Trailer!

SHINee’s Minho is no stranger to acting, but this may be his biggest role yet. Making its first debut at the Busan International Film Festival in October, the anticipated film ‘Derailed‘ stunned audiences. It sold out for its showings, and skyrocketed the main actors into even more stardom. Ma Dong-seok plays alongside Minho in this thrill seeking movie. The film is set to release November 24th.

Jin-il and Ga-yeong are teenage runaways who live like a family with other runaway children. Sometimes they do some delivery work, sometimes they steal things to make their living. When they run out of money, they make Ga-yeong lure a middle-aged man to a motel. She seduces him as if she were selling her body, but she fails to take any money from him, as he takes her hostage and demands Jin-il brings him money. It turns out that he is a crooked Karaoke bar owner who forces runaway girls like Ga-yeong to work for him. Can Jin-il rescue her?

Check out the trailers below!

This is an exciting time for Minho, as he also has another big project coming out in December. His drama ‘Hwarang‘ is set to premier on December 19th!

Are you excited to see Minho in his first leading role? Let is know in the comments below!

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