Hyungwon and Minhyuk strut down the runway at ‘Seoul Fashion Week!’

Growing up, a lot of us have played dressed up and pretended we were fashion models wearing our parents’ over sized clothes and shoes, and carrying our mother’s purse, being judged as all eyes were on us.

Some of us even have achieved the dream of being a model, whether it’s for a local show or something more.

In the United States, we have shows dedicated on television towards fashion such as; ‘Project Runway,’ and ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ started by big name models like Tyra Banks and Hidi Klum, where we see different points of view, from designing clothes and wearing them to taking photos and being featured in top magazines such as Elle, GQ, HIGH CUT, NYLON, and many more.

Idols also get to show off the newest fashion as they do different photo shoots and get the chance to be featured in these magazines.

When it comes to being in an actual fashion show with a runway, lights, cameras flashes and all eyes on you, the opportunities are limited. However, Monsta X’s Minhyuk and Hyungwon can add “fashion model for Seoul Fashion Week their resumé.

Starship Entertainment shared these photos from 아이돌 이슈 (Idol Issue) of the idol walking down the runway.

minhyuk-1 minhyuk-2

minhyuk-3 minhyunk-2


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Sources: Monsta X’s Official Facebook  |  아이돌 이슈 (Idol Issue) Facebook | Candy Pastel | podo_93 | Rawon | Monsta X Twitter

Edited by: Katarina Ho

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