Official Merchandise On Sale For ‘GOT7 FLIGHT LOG: TURBULENCE IN USA 2017’

IGOT7 planning to go to their fanmeet tour – gather around! The merchandise for this tour are now available on SubKulture Entertainment´s website. You can buy T-shirt, hoodie, official light stick, special tour light stick, poster and an Exclusive merchandise package. By purchasing these items online you are ensured to get your hands on them without the need to queue for them before the concert´s start. You can simply pick them up at the venue!

The merchandise sale will end on January 16th at 12PM (PST) and they will be available only for on-site pick up.

Prices (including taxes) for individual merchandise are:
T-SHIRT – $35
HOODIE – $55
POSTER – $10
EXCLUSIVE MERCH PACKAGE (includes the T-shirt, Hoodie, Tour Light Stick, and Poster) –
Online Only: $110 $99

Hurry up and get yours online! For more information visit SubKulture Entertainment´s official platforms: website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Snapchat. For any merchandise-related inquiries send an email to


Source: SubKulture Entertainment

Written by: Terry Alsiong

Edited by: Lina Hung

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