Pineapple-Apple-Monsta Pen?

It seems that the world’s newest craze, “Pineapple-Apple Pen,” has not gone unnoticed by the members of Monsta X!

Kihyun and Minhyuk took to Monsta X’s V Live and promised that they would do something special for receiving 5 million hearts on their channel and so it resulted in them doing their version of “Pineapple-Apple Pen.” Minhyuk decided to dress as one of Rilakkuma’s friends, Korilakkuma, and Kihyun dressed as Gudetama. Below are some screen shots of their version of “Pineapple-Apple Pen”.

monsta-x-1 monsta-x-2

monsta-x-3 monsta-x-4

monsta-x-5 monsta-x-6

monsta-x-7 monsta-x-8

Don’t have V Live App for your device? No worries, Monsta X uploaded it to Startship Entainment’s Offical YouTube Page! But you don’t have to look any farther than here:

And yes, we have I.M.’s version, too.

monsta-x-9 monsta-x-10 monsta-x-11 monsta-x-12 monsta-x-13 monsta-x-14

And here is his video as well:

What do you think of this newest internet craze? Comment below and let us know!

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Sources: Startship TV YouTube | | Monsta X V Live

Edited By: Gigi Estilo

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