Ravi and Jung Yonghwa Collaborate in ‘Home Alone’

On January 4th, VIXX’s Ravi released music video for the track ‘Home Alone‘, from his solo album ‘R.EAL1ZE‘.

The song and music video features fellow musician, CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa, lending his beautiful and soothing voice paring up with Ravi’s smooth rapping. Throughout the music video, you see Ravi and Yong Hwa sharing ideas, arranging and recording the song. The whole vibe is laid-back, whilst both boys continuously compliment each others vocal skills throughout the song!

Check out the music video below:

Ravi has collaborated with other artists on this album too, including fellow VIXX member Ken. The talented rapper has written the lyrics for his album, and been involved in production from composition to song arrangement. This can be seen in the music video.


With 용화형 #나홀로집에 #라비 #ravi #정용화 #jungyonghwa #realize #⭐️

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We are eagerly anticipating the rest of his album!

How do you feel about the song and the music video? What do you think of Ravi and Yonghwa’s collaboration?

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Sources: SBS Pop Asia | Official VIXX YouTube Channel | Official Ravi Instagram | Jung Yong Hwa Official Instagram | Jelly Fish Entertainment 

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