Seoul Strives To Become A Fashion Capital

Some fashion meccas rise to the top each year, given the opportunity to influence the fashion world with innovative and contemporary trends. The Big Four, New York, Paris, Milan, and London hold the coveted top, but each year cities are given a chance to contend for the top ten positions.

In addition to her influential role in music and fashion, South Korea has a broad mix of business, entertainment, and art that is internationally recognized for having a unique and strong identity. The potential of Seoul reaching Fashion Capital status only puts more pressure on her Fashion Week, a status that is increasingly linked to the city’s domestic and international profile. With two shows to showcase their industry, Seoul is currently ranked at 56 out of 56 cities worldwide.


The aim of fashion, without prejudice to location or culture, is creating innovative, appealing and lust-worthy clothing, but we must realize the political goal of becoming a recognized Fashion Capital, which is essentially strategic business. While the designers’ goal seeks to produce influential art the business nature becomes a game of chess, with an end goal in mind, launching the South Korean fashion industry abroad. Promotions seek to establish local designers. This will then naturally lead to bringing people up to date on South Korean popular fashion.

While the Fashion Weeks in other cities pursue high-end fashion, Seoul seeks inspiration from her streets and music. Trying to appeal to the youth of Korea, the target focus is comparatively young to the standard participants’ age in most European fashion weeks, that being around 30 years of age.


Seoul is most proud of her street fashion, it describes the strength and distinguished character of the city. While still adopting the elements of street fashion, high fashion collections display the efforts of the designers as well.

The strengths and distinguished character of Seoul Fashion Week is youth driven and incredibly fast-paced. There is no couture, no grand sweeping gestures, just wearable, shareable pieces. The fashion adopts elements from street style but presents high-end collections as well. Despite this, there are efforts to turn street fashion into high-quality works.


Today, fashion is more globalized, and the differences or specialties are less visible than before. However, some collections have a modernist inspiration. The collections are targeting young customers with a very relaxed attitude towards fashion. In a way, the fashion is also quite European, while still containing a cultural uniqueness. In spite of this inspiration, the designers still have a global perspective that can catch the eye of any lover of fashion.

Seoul Fashion Week 2016 will be held October 17th to 22nd.

What do you think are the defining characteristics of South Korean Fashion? Tell us in the comments below!

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Source: SFW

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