SHINee’s Onew Yet in the Middle of Another Controversy

After SHINee Onew‘s middle finger incident and dating rumors (with After School‘s Jung Ah), the singer found himself in the middle of another controversy. This time for smoking an electronic cigarette.


The photo above, taken at the same day when Onew was spotted with Jung Ah in Apgujeong-dong, met with mixed reactions. Some people commented: “He’s an adult and he wasn’t on broadcast ”, “I was surprised, but I can understand” and more, while many attacked Onew, saying: “I liked him because of his youthful image”, “He’s in a deep trouble” and “He needs to take care of his image”.


Source: dkpopnews

Article by: Karolina

Edited by: Alona

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  1. oh please.

  2. it looks like a pen not an electronic cigarette??

  3. whats wrong with them?! -.-‘ ://

  4. fighting onew!! ^^

  5. It’s not a cigarette, it’s an other electronical thing with special flavour like strawberry it smells good, in my country it’s called “chicha” i saw a picture explaining what Onew was taking in his hands, it wasn’t a cigarette believe me.,

  6. if it was a chicha it’s worse it like 7 cigarettes in one time but i don’t care of he smiks or not it’s his life and i still like him as before

  7. I think its Vape… Its not actually a cigarette…

  8. Ani ani ^^” it’s not exactly like a chicha, i said something like that who smells good and which is not bad for the health

  9. Reporters are just looking for trouble and attention. Onew is still Onew, no matter what. Onew, Hwaiting!~

  10. I guess it’s a pen, or “chicha” but c’mon, and if he’s smoking? It’s his problem. It’s like if i want sthg nobody can tell me, don’t do that. It’s our choice. If he wanna smoke, he will, but who cares? He’s voice still amazing… -.-‘

  11. Onew is still the best. SHAWOL will still support him and SHINee from all over the world.


  13. Onew hwaiting!! I will always stick by Jinki’s side!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  14. That looks nothing like a cigarette! Plus, the smoke is coming from behind him.. ><;;

  15. gosh guys come on leave the poor man alone….its his life let him do what he wants gracious….

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