SM Entertainment Changes Auditions Dates

Hold your talent! SM Entertainment has re-released the dates for the up coming auditions  for SM Entertainment’s annual Global auditions.  SM added a few more dates to their global auditions tours,where hundreds of hopefuls from all over the world showcase their talents. Some locations have been added, while some have been moved up especially the USA dates.

You can check out the dates down below:


There is still plenty of time to register, you can check their Facebook page for more info or go to SM Entertainment’s official website to register or to look at it for information.  If you have already registered make sure to practice, practice, practice!

Best of luck to all applicants, Fighting!

Be sure to keep Officially KMusic as your #1 source for SM Auditions as it developed!

Source: SM Auditions Facebook

Article by: Izzy

Edited by: Angelspatience

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