SONAMOO Becomes Statues For Latest ‘I Think I Love You’ Teasers

SONAMOO has finally announced their comeback with their first single album and title track, ‘I Think I Love You‘. This time round, the girls have come back with a cute wintery concept! This can be seen in their album trailer and its music video teaser!

Check out the following videos below!

SONAMOO shows off their innocent and cute concept, with the girls looking very happy! All the girls are dressed up in cream outfits that look extremely warm for the winter! The girls are seen smiling very brightly with some even laughing. It definitely shows that they are one with the season.

‘I Think I Love You’ will consist of four tracks, including the title track, ‘I Think I Love You’ and ‘Orange Cappuccino‘. It is believed that ‘Orange Cappuccino’ is the track that has been used for the album trailer!

In the ‘I Think I Love You’ music video teaser, it showed off a bright dance track that is very catchy to listen to! In the video, the girls can be seen doing an extremely amazing job at the mannequin challenge, where the girls are seen staying very still for the camera! The girls are dressed so beautifully in cute outfits, so it is super easy to mistake them for dolls! Overall, it is very exciting to see that SONAMOO will be back with a comeback and fans can’t wait for the full release!

The full single album and music video for ‘I Think I Love You’ will be released on the 9th of January! Meanwhile, check out the teaser above and let us know what you think about SONAMOO’s comeback!

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Source: TSENT2008 Youtube Channel

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