Super Junior’s Eunhyuk And IU In A Relationship?

A photo of Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk and singer IU was uploaded on her Twitter, showing Eunhyuk shirtless and IU in her pajamas lying together, causing fans to gossip about the two being in a relationship.

It looks like the photo was uploaded on Twitter by accident since it was taken down within 2 minutes. What is the most shocking is that Eunhyuk is not wearing a shirt in this picture and those two seem to be lying on a bed.

Another proof that the two are dating has been going around since the episode of ‘Strong Heart’ where IU appeared as a guest. Back then Leeteuk, Super Junior’s leader and one of the ‘Strong Heart‘ host, wrote on his Twitter: ‘Meeting Eunhyuk’s woman again..’,  Eunhyuk left simple note with heart in it and IU wrote: ‘Oppa, I’m here’. Some fans are saying that they even have couple items.

Do you think Eunhyuk and IU are in relationship?


Source: allkpop

Article by Karolina & Alona

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  1. FALSE

  2. is it true ?

  3. Serious ??????

  4. Trueeee

  5. It’s not true~~ actually he went to see her cz she was sick , then she took a picture and uploaded in her twitter but it was a problem so the picture just had uploaded like that =___= the company just said that today ~~ so it’s false we

  6. really????

  7. NO!!! LOEN already said that they are not in relationship!

  8. ?

  9. wat?! wat is this?!

  10. ANTI IU

  11. get over it people -_-.. IU’s biggest fan 😀

  12. it is hard for the average person to connect with someone they love, trust and feel comfortable with …it must be so much harder for a celebrity knowing they must always put up a professional face/facade and wondering if the person they are with is with them for their own advancement or for real. I wish them both luck and after all ….is it really any of our business….this can only make their performances and music better…..as they share their love/friendship and peace with the rest of us <3

  13. ;o; my whole life is nothing now (kidding haha but still ._.) well actually they’re cute together, so why not .o.

  14. IU Said If she was in a relationship she would keep it as a secret .. So I Say No

  15. its a false hope!

  16. O.O

  17. If its false .. why Eunhyuk is shirtless in the photo ?? And why the photo is being shut after a couple of minute if its nothing ??? Why why ?! Dont get me wrong .. just askin ..

  18. Loen as released an official statement saying that it’s not true and that Eunhyuk was actually visiting her while she was sick because they have a really close relatioship. (CAmmy)

      • may
      • November 11, 2012
      • Reply

      If it was confirmed tht he was visiting her then why was he topless?.. i dont dont get it u dont go to someones house and take off ur shirt when they r sick o.O

  19. lawl.

  20. You never know if LOEN Entertainment is lying about the cover up.. HAHAHA i honestly think they’re dating .. ^^;

  21. no yo no creo en eso la empres de IU dijo que eso fue para un comercial y eso fue hace mucho tiempo asi que no lo creo……llore mucho cuando mi hermana me conto sobre esto casi me vuelbo crazy T.T

  22. look like me it’s really dating, and LOEN statement a bit confusing. if iu was really sick back then, why Eunhyuk shirtless and lying in the bed with IU?but what i really sorry for iu is why she careless this time >.<

  23. OH DAYUM

  24. who visits a sick girl while being shirtless???.. 😀

    • Cheryle
    • November 10, 2012
    • Reply

    i just hope they are safe and loved …..and if they are happy …is it really any of our business?. It must be so hard for a celebrity to meet someone, to trust someone is getting to know them for themselves, not fame or gain, for the average person it is a miracle to find the right person you connect with ….it must be so much harder for a celebrity…always having to have a professional face/facade……..GOOD LUCK TO THEM BOTH <3

    • Jae
    • November 10, 2012
    • Reply

    Loent. Entertainment already sent out a message that they weren’t…. -_-

    • Joyce
    • November 10, 2012
    • Reply


    • tabee
    • November 10, 2012
    • Reply

    TRUE ! they look good together so why not?

    • amel
    • November 10, 2012
    • Reply

    ^^, i dont sure this true

    • November 11, 2012
    • Reply

    Ehh ehehehehehehehe they would make a good couple ?

    • a.non.a.mouse/
    • November 11, 2012
    • Reply

    pfft. “visiting because she was sick.”
    i say no.
    but of course there are so many things in this photo that say they could be a couple, but.. I”M IN DENIAL. BECAUSE… ITS JUST.. TO MUCH.. FOR ME TO HANDLE.. -dies-

    • Lee Soon Hye
    • November 11, 2012
    • Reply

    그래서 완전히 거짓입니다, 은혁 때문 오빠 완전히 신실입니다.

    • Clh2000
    • November 11, 2012
    • Reply

    They are probably close, but not in a relationship. If you look closely, they are not LYING ON A BED or whatsoever, I am quite sure they are sitting on a sofa. Then iu”s company said she was sick, so she was probably in her pyjamas the whole time…as for eunhyuk, I don’t know why is he shirtless but I think everything is just a misunderstanding.

    • Celia
    • November 11, 2012
    • Reply

    They said it was summer, so he probably wore light coloured that was about his skin colour and loose shirt or something that seem translucent or whatever and since he was “leaning” on her, you probably can’t see the lining of the shirt or other stuffs….there was a random web that adjusted their skin colours to green and proved that there was a lining for shirt under his neck…

    • Ciara
    • November 14, 2012
    • Reply

    can anyone tell me what episode of strong heart where “IU appeared as a guest? and Back then Leeteuk, Super Junior’s leader and one of the ‘Strong Heart‘ host, wrote on his Twitter: ‘Meeting Eunhyuk’s woman again..’, Eunhyuk left simple note with heart in it and IU wrote: ‘Oppa, I’m here’.

    • kpop lover
    • November 14, 2012
    • Reply

    owo not true he was naked maybe because shes sick and he was hot and took off his shirt and took a picture

    • Sung rae jin
    • November 15, 2012
    • Reply

    WOW !! i hope you’re longlast 😀

    • November 22, 2012
    • Reply

    i think IU looks better with Wooyoung, and this is false i believe they are just good friends nothing more

    • maythet
    • December 1, 2012
    • Reply

    i don’t mind if they are real or fake because i just like their songs and i think fans shouldn’t be gossip about them .let them free in their personal and if it’s true we should accept and supporting them as a real fan of suju ….. oppa fighting we are elf for suju………

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