Drama Review Corner: ‘Weightlifting Fairy’ Episodes 11 & 12

Last episode: After the devastating loss of Coach Choi, who was fired for using money for personal use, Bok Joo disappeared. Joon Hyung went on a search for her and finally found her. Bok Joo ended up crying and confiding in Joon Hyung that she no longer wants to weight lift.

Episode 11 starts as Professor Yoon calls Bok Joo’s dad and Dae Ho to let them know that Bok Joo is missing but he rescheduled the meeting with her sponsors. As soon as they hang up, Bok Joo comes in to the chicken shop. Her dad begins to yell but Bok Joo tells him that she no longer likes weightlifting then cries.

Meanwhile, Joon Hyung thinks over his relationship with Bok Joo. Tae Kwon prods him asking what’s been up, if he’s been dating or something. Joon Hyung stares at the frog Bok Joo had created and comes to realization that he’s in love with Bok Joo.

The next day, the Kim family eats in their living room but Bok Joo and her dad both leave quickly. Bok Joo’s dad visits Professor Yoon and tells him that Bok Joo no longer wants to weight lift. Professor Yoon tells her dad that it’s a slum, now that competition is over and Coach Choi has left. At their home Bok Joo sits on the floor when her dad opens the door and tells her to pack her things at the dorm.

At the dorm, Bok Joo packs up her things when her friends come in. Nan Hee attempts to convince her to stay while Seon Ok reassures Nan Hee that Bok Joo isn’t leaving for good. While they chat, they get interrupted by Si Ho who Bok Joo ignores. Bok Joo walks out the dorm but looks down the boy’s hallway. She realizes she should tell Joon Hyung and gives him a call, telling him that she’s leaving and that she’s not okay but she’s going to take some time off. She hangs up before Joon Hyung can say anything more which causes Joon Hyung to rush out. Bok Joo walks to her house on campus talking on the phone while Joon Hyung rides his bike just missing her. He finally catches up to her when he goes to the chicken shop, he pulls her aside where they go to a bench to eat. Bok Joo tells him all about how hard her life has been feeling to which Joon Hyung tells her that she must call as much as she can because she needs to be her perky self again.

At the dorms, Joon Hyung walks in when Si Ho is walking down the stairs. Si Ho inquires about what happened with Bok Joo to which Joon Hyung asks if what she wanted was for Bok Joo to quit school. Si Ho reiterates that she doesn’t hate her that much but she wanted to know since Bok Joo is her roommate. Joon Hyung quips that she’s such a good roommate sarcastically before walking away. That night Joon Hyung waits for Bok Joo’s call then lays on his side as Bok Joo does the same.

The next morning, Bok Joo works in the shop but her dad stops her telling her that she should rest. Up in her room, Bok Joo writes a list out on what she wants to do. First studying at the library, next is learning how to play the piano, then the next few are about going to an amusement park with a boyfriend including sharing a drink and having him put her hand in his pocket.

At the weightlifting gym, the seniors try to figure out what happened to Bok Joo and turn to Nan Hee and Seon Ok for answers where they just make an excuse that she’s sick. Before any of them try to prod for answers further, Professor Yoon comes out of his office. He tries to perk up the students and relate to them but doesn’t get very far. He goes back to his office where Woon Ki follows him inside and asks about what will happen. Professor Yoon reassures him that he’s trying to convince the dean and that she’ll return. When Woon Ki leaves, Professor Yoon looks at a picture of Coach Choi sadly asking why she hasn’t called.

Coach Choi in the meantime looks at Professor Yoon’s number sadly but is pulled out of it when her sister calls her to work. As Coach Choi takes a call as she takes out the towels from the warmer and is surprised when the caller is Dae Ho. Once she realized who was calling, Dae Ho offers to buy her a drink.

At a library, Bok Joo finds a spot in front of a young child doing work. Bok Joo pulls out some beginner books which earns some judgmental looks from the kid and pulls out a banana pencil case. She begins to work putting her head on the table. Later on, the kid sneezes startling a sleeping Bok Joo who yells causing a disturbance in the library. On her next adventures, Bok Joo goes to piano lessons where the teacher tells her that lessons will cost a lot of money. Defeated, Bok Joo takes a walk then realizes that Jae Yi is near. She then realizes that she needs a part time job and finds a shipping company. The manager tries to talk her out of it saying that she wouldn’t be able to lift the boxes but Bok Joo proves him wrong by taking two big boxes away from a shocked young man revealed to be Jisoo.

Joon Hyung does chores at the pool when he gets distracted by his phone trying to figure out why Bok Joo hasn’t called. As he questions Bok Joo, he gets a call from Jae Yi. Joon Hyung meets with Jae Yi on the steps where Joon Hyung tries to tell Jae Yi to stay away from Bok Joo but Jae Yi realizes that Joon Hyung likes her. Jae Yi inquires about when Joon Hyung will act on his feelings, Joon Hyung tells him that he wants to just be there for Bok Joo while she recovers then when the time is right he’ll take action. They joke around as Joon Hyung threatens to punch Jae Yi if he makes Bok Joo cry again. At the same time the gymnastics coach is on the phone while the other gymnasts gossip then realize that Si Ho is sleeping while stretching and comment that she looks as if she hadn’t been sleeping.

At a restaurant, Jae Yi eats a meal with Ah Young who inquires about Bok Joo and Joon Hyung. While Jae Yi plays up that he doesn’t know anything, Ah Young tells him that they hope they end up together to which Jae Yi agrees.

In the chicken shop an impatient Dae Ho makes excuses as to why he needs the night off but gets a fright when Joon Hyung appears at the window. Joon Hyung asks about where Bok Joo is to which Dae Ho tells him that she got a part time job and will be working late. Bok Joo in the meantime, carries large boxes at her job impressing Jisoo. Bok Joo assures that it’s easy since she’s been weightlifting. Jisoo tells her that it’s time to go and walks her out. As they walk, Jisoo offers to buy her a meal but they’re interrupted when a furious Joon Hyung calls her name. Despite Joon Hyung’s glaring, Jisoo offers for him to come along but Joon Hyung makes excuse after excuse. Bok Joo apologizes for Joon Hyung’s behavior telling Jisoo that he’s sick to which Jisoo gives Joon Hyung a hug before leaving.tumblr_oimykzfny61v3t8tio9_1280

Instead of eating a nice meal, Joon Hyung brings Bok Joo to a convenience store. Joon Hyung asks about Jisoo to which Bok Joo happily replies that he’s a part time worker and treats her like a little sister. Which upsets Joon Hyung who tells her not to get too close to any guys which Bok Joo questions their friendship but Joon Hyung tells her that he’s an exception. Bok Joo then tells Joon Hyung that she’s learning piano and offers to play at his wedding. Joon Hyung tells her that he doesn’t want her to play piano instead for her to stand next to him which Bok Joo naively replies that’s where his wife should be.

Meanwhile, Dae Ho drinks with Coach Choi and unsurprisingly they both end up drunk once again. As they walk home, Dae Ho offers his back but Coach Choi chooses to sit on the ground instead. Dae Ho confesses that he likes her and Coach Choi confesses that she likes him as well and proves it by pulling him in for a kiss. Joon Hyung walks Bok Joo home where she tells him that she saw Jae Yi but it feels like it happened a long time ago. She tells him that she’s working extra hours and that she could finish early with the help of Jisoo. She goes home causing Joon Hyung to stress about how close she is with Jisoo.

At the dorms, a girl goes to the bathroom but is startled when bare feet appear under the doorway. One of the seniors tells the ghost story of a track star who killed herself after being caught with drugs scaring the rest of the weightlifters. At the same time one of the swimmers tells the same story to Joon Hyung, Tae Kwan, and the other swimmers. And of course it spreads across to the gymnasts as well but Si Ho ignores the story practicing with her ribbon.

Bok Joo puts a patch on her back but hides the evidence when her dad walks in. After she’s all set, Bok Joo and her father eat and he tells her that he doesn’t need to know what type of job she’s doing since she’s an adult, and that he trusts her to make the right decisions. At the hair salon, Coach Choi regrets the night before and tries to convince herself that Dae Ho has forgotten when Dae Ho shows up at the salon looking for her bringing her hangover food.

At her work, Bok Joo is praised by her coworkers for doing such a great job. When one of them offers for her to meet their nephew, Jisoo interjects that Bok Joo already has a boyfriend thinking it’s Joon Hyung. Bok Joo tries to deny it but Jisoo is convinced that they are more than friends. Jisoo and Bok Joo then joke around about how much better Jisoo is and asks about meeting her co-worker’s nephew. At the same time, Tae Kwan tries to convince Joon Hyung to go out but doesn’t get very far. When Tae Kwan is gone, Joon Hyung gets upset at the thought of Bok Joo working with Jisoo.

Bok Joo works but notices her shoe is untied, when she leans down to tie her shoe her hood pops up causing her not to be able to see but a hand moves it aside. Bok Joo looks up to see the owner of the hand and realizes it’s Joon Hyung. Joon Hyung offers to help her out so she can finish fast but Bok Joo tries to get him to go. She pushes a cart and Joon Hyung grabs the other side and helps her. Bok Joo tells him off saying that her co-workers will get the wrong idea that he’s her boyfriend but Joon Hyung stops the cart to tell her that she’s not just a friend. He moves the cart aside so he is properly face to face with Bok Joo telling her that she’s a special friend trying to get Bok Joo to understand but she just stands confused. Realizing what he must do, Joon Hyung approaches Bok Joo grabs her face and kisses her which startles Bok Joo who pushes him away. He tells her that her feelings affect him and drive him crazy and confesses that he likes her.tumblr_oilzmqrola1rygu0ho2_1280

Tae Kwan tries to sneak back into his room after a night out but Joon Hyung isn’t answering his phone. At the same time, Seon Ok sits in between the washers talking with her mom when Tae Kwan comes through the window. Seon Ok tries to take him out but hears Nan Hee’s voice calling her. Seon Ok and Tae Kwan back up in between the washers once again where they give each other a sort of loving look. As Nan Hee walks she turns her head when she hears a sound and finds herself looking at a ‘ghost’ with long hair in a white gown causing Nan Hee to scream. The scream causes the entire dorm of girls to go to her including Seon Ok which is the perfect escape for Tae Kwan.e5377514942fc5c982c3e06d47a3d5d711ced9dd6df249d4abc712d0d7ee213a

Bok Joo sits on a bench while Joon Hyung stands by a tree picking at the bark. Joon Hyung finally gets Bok Joo to talk where she tries to figure out why Joon Hyung chose her. Joon Hyung confesses that she was his first love causing Bok Joo to laugh which makes Joon Hyung think she hates him. Bok Joo assures that she doesn’t hate him and that she likes him too since she’s been relying on him more than Nan Hee and Seon Ok but only as a friend. Joon Hyung then offers that they date for a month so she can see what he’s like as a boyfriend which at first confuses Bok Joo but in the end they come to an agreement sort of. Joon Hyung walks Bok Joo home telling her to act more natural but they’re interrupted by Bok Joo’s phone ringing. She picks up to Nan Hee who is attached to Seon Ok still terrified and convinces Bok Joo to come to the dorms. Bok Joo leaves and Joon Hyung notices a wallet on the ground and realizes it’s Bok Joo’s.

In his room, Joon Hyung looks through Bok Joo’s wallet, finding some cut outs of Jae Yi which he throws at a sleeping Tae Kwan then coming across her bucket list reading it over and making plans in his head. Nan Hee and Seon Ok explain the situation about the dorm’s newest resident, the ghost. Bok Joo’s face grows increasingly red as she thinks over what happened with Joon Hyung. The girls ask what’s wrong but Bok Joo shrugs it off as she’s cold. That night Bok Joo wakes up to get some water but finds the water jug empty. She creeps her way into the dark halls of her dorm suddenly hearing a noise, as she gets to the common room the ghost is eating in front of the fridge. At the last moments of the episode the ghost turns it head revealing to be Si Ho.

Episode 12 continues as Bok Joo questions Si Ho who, upon realizing what she was doing, runs to her room. Bok Joo follows but Si Ho pulls the covers over her face causing the blanket to scoot up revealing Si Ho’s dirty feet causing Bok Joo to worry. That morning Bok Joo goes to her room and Si Ho greets her seemingly unaware of what happened last night. Bok Joo tries to ask about it but Si Ho snaps at her to mind her own business. Si Ho walks to the bathroom where she recalls sleep walking the previous nights. She then searches on her phone for the side effects of sleeping pills where a voice tells her of the dangers of sleeping pills and warns that she should stop and visit a hospital.

In the lobby, an excited Tae Kwan happily greets Bok Joo in hopes that she’s back. Bok Joo turns to Joon Hyung and asks to speak with him but Tae Kwan tries to listen in so Joon Hyung pushes him to leave. Bok Joo inquires about Si Ho but stops herself from further discussing it upon remembering what Si Ho had said. Before she leaves Joon Hyung stops her asking if she had forgotten anything but Bok Joo is clueless so he cleverly sneaks her wallet into her bag. Joon Hyung then asks to hang out and reminds Bok Joo of their deal to date for a month. He then grabs her face telling her that he’ll call before rushing off leaving a very startled Bok Joo.

At the weightlifting room Professor Yoon announces their break telling them to eat whatever they want even if they’re on diets and relax. In the gymnastics studio the professor says the opposite warning the girls that the scale never lies so they better not eat. And in the pool house, the coach tells them it’s their winter break before training so they must get lots of sleep and stay out of trouble then dismisses them. Tae Kwan grabs Joon Hyung right away but Joon Hyung rushes out.

Bok Joo sits in her room counting the money she earned from her job putting aside money to buy her father a present and money for piano lessons. As she continues to plan out her spending, she gets a text from Joon Hyung saying he’ll be outside the chicken shop in half an hour. Bok Joo brushes it off as silly but primps herself in her vanity slightly until her dad opens the door. Her father inquires about the whereabouts of Dae Ho as he’s been acting suspicious but Bok Joo is more worried about the fact her father seems in rough shape. He brushes it off as working hard and requests that Bok Joo tell him if she finds Dae Ho.

Dae Ho is at a hair salon helping out Coach Choi and her sister. He interrupts trying to help Coach Choi by flattering clients and getting her sister more business impressing the sister but annoying Coach Choi. Her sister inquires if they’re dating but Coach Choi quickly denies it.

Outside the chicken shop, Joon Hyung checks to make sure his outfit okay when Bok Joo joins him. Bok Joo asks why he’s in front of her house but is thrown off when Joon Hyung calls her his girlfriend. He asks if she’s worried about her dad or uncle finding him which Bok Joo denies but drags him away when her dad comes out. As they walk Joon Hyung goes through Bok Joo’s bucket list remembering the amusement park. He offers to take her but Bok Joo claims it’s childish. At the bus stop Joon Hyung points out that there’s a bus going directly to the amusement park but Bok Joo goes on about having to meet her friends later.

At the amusement park a very annoyed Joon Hyung watches as Bok Joo walks with Nan Hee and Seon Ok. He gets even more horrified to discover that Nan Hee has invited Tae Kwan as well. As Tae Kwan catches up he asks Seon Ok about her going home. Joon Hyung incredibly annoyed calls them all to go in. As they walk in they find a shop with headbands, Nan Hee pulls everyone inside despite Joon Hyung’s grumpiness. Bok Joo puts on an angel headband and Tae Kwan puts a devil one on Joon Hyung but he pulls it off saying it’s childish. When Tae Kwan puts on the devil horns and claims to be a couple with Bok Joo, Joon Hyung pulls the horns back on making sure everyone knows they’re his. Outside the friends all ride the pirate ship getting everyone excited except Joon Hyung who looks sickly. Bok Joo then offers for them to go on a terrifying ride that goes upside down but Nan Hee offers to go on the merry go round instead to which Tae Kwan and Seon Ok agree. Seizing the opportunity, Joon Hyung offers to separate and go with Bok Joo on the ride despite Tae Kwan saying he’s afraid of heights. On the ride a terrified Joon Hyung holds on to Bok Joo’s hand tightly. After the ride a still dizzy Joon Hyung goes in search for treats for Bok Joo. Coming across a soda station, he remembers that Bok Joo wanted to share a drink with her boyfriend and orders a soda with two straws along with some churros. Bok Joo gleefully cheers at the sight of churros but questions Joon Hyung about the soda. He makes up some excuse but when Bok Joo goes for a drink he goes for a sip as well causing Bok Joo’s heart to thump loudly. Joon Hyung teases that he makes her heart flutter but Bok Joo claims it was startling and they’re interrupted by a call from Nan Hee telling them to meet them to watch the fireworks.tumblr_oio4nhbpn31rsqlr7o1_1280

In her bed, Si Ho tosses and turns trying to sleep. She reaches for her sleeping pills but remembers the side effects and throws them out, putting on a sleeping mask instead.

Watching the fireworks, Bok Joo looks on mesmerized and Joon Hyung seizes the opportunity to take her hand. He puts it in his jacket remembering from the bucket list which makes Bok Joo’s heart thump again. Joon Hyung teases once again but Bok Joo pulls away saying she’s uncomfortable and wanders off to find Nan Hee and the others. Joon Hyung wonders what he should do, feeling bad about making her uncomfortable then running after her. As they both meet up with everyone, Bok Joo starts taking pictures and Joon Hyung follows but instead of taking pictures of the fireworks he takes pictures of Bok Joo. Afterwards he sneaks his hand into her pocket which makes Bok Joo’s heart thump once again, and causing Bok Joo to convince herself to calm down.tumblr_oin5udfpnn1ri7wv4o3_1280

At piano practice, Bok Joo pretends to play really well but is stopped when her teacher comes in.  The teacher tells her to practice but Bok Joo plays too roughly. As Bok Joo looks at her phone and asks herself why Joon Hyung hasn’t called, she gets a call from Nan Hee telling her that Seon Ok hasn’t come back to school yet. Bok Joo goes to the restaurant where her dad gives her money to visit Seon Ok. Her dad continues to sweat as Bok Joo leaves. Bok Joo arrives at Seon Ok’s family motel where she notices Seon Ok practicing her weightlifting. Seon Ok is quickly taken away by her work so Bok Joo goes to her room. In Seon Ok’s room lay medals and various items pertaining to weightlifting. Seon Ok then meets Bok Joo and tells her that her parents want her to drop out of school because she’s not good enough to make a living. Seon Ok then goes on to explain that in school she would be in the weightlifting room as an excuse to not go home but then she began to enjoy weightlifting. She always tells Bok Joo that she’s been envious since Bok Joo has a talent for the sport as well as a dad who supports her no matter what. Their conversation is interrupted when Seon Ok’s mom demands she take out the trash and treat Bok Joo as a proper guest but Bok Joo leaves instead.tumblr_oimbrias0g1vif096o1_1280

At dialysis, Bok Joo’s dad is in obvious pain as he gets treatment. As he walks out, he falls to the floor while his nose begins to bleed. At the same time Joon Hyung gets a bunch of roses for Bok Joo then calls her and discovers she’ll be at the bus station. Dae Ho walks with Coach Choi trying to get her to go out, Coach Choi tries to tell him something when she recieves a call from Professor Yoon. They go out for a drink and Professor Yoon informs her that he’s trying his hardest to get her job back as well as the fact that Bok Joo is taking a break. Dae Ho perks up when Coach Choi tells Professor Yoon that he’s just a drinking buddy. Dae Ho then notices that Coach Choi pays some extra attention to Professor Yoon.

On the bus, Bok Joo thinks over what Seon Ok said about her talent and always loving father. She flashes back to a year ago when she was having trouble lifting but when she finally got it she was super proud and happy. As she thinks Bok Joo gets a call from the hospital. Joon Hyung sits and waits for Bok Joo and notices her come in but realizes she’s freaking out. He quickly grabs her hand asking what happened then gets her to the hospital. At the hospital Bok Joo rapidly looks at each name on the doors trying to find her dad’s name while Joon Hyung goes to the front desk and finds out the room number. He calls Bok Joo over opening the door as she runs in and Dae Ho quicly follows while Joon Hyung, still holding the flowers, sits on the floor.

Dae Ho and Bok Joo cry over her father begging him not to die. The doctor comes in to inform the family that while Bok Joo’s father will be okay it’s important that he get a transplant as soon as possible.

At a restaurant Jae Yi sits with Ah Young and fellow doctors. One of them suggests Ah Young and Jae Yi get married which they both make a joke out of when the infamous Sunggu and Hwanhee arrive throwing off Jae Yi. After Jae Yi leaves the restroom, Hwanhee and he have a short conversation but before they can get anywhere Sunggu interrupts. With tensions rising the dinner becomes awkward as Sunggu talks badly about Hwanhee. Jae Yi attempts to leave peacefully but Sunggu stops him and eggs him on. Jae Yi finally loses his temper and punches Sunggu across the face. Outside, Ah Young tells off Jae Yi for losing his temper then tells her that she’s always had feelings for him but that she’s going to stop now and leaves before Jae Yi can say anything about it.

Bok Joo’s dad tries to convince Bok Joo to go home. As she walks out to get her dad more supplies, she notices a bag filled with supplies outside the door. As she gets home she notices a sign outside the restaurant which says they’re closed for the day which Bok Joo changes to closed for a while. Inside Bok Joo packs a bag for her father then comes across life insurance that will leave a lot of money to Bok Joo which causes Bok Joo to cry because she can’t imagine living without her dad. That night Bok Joo talks with her dad where they both apologize and hang up crying.tumblr_oin0wbgon41qcezh0o6_1280

Professor Yoon walks in to the weightlifting gym the next day to find Bok Joo cleaning the floors. He happily greets her and she tells him that she’s rejoining the team. The gym then fills with the others all greeting Bok Joo and cheering her on. Nan Hee cries happily and runs to Bok Joo telling her to never leave since Seon Ok hadn’t come back.

In the gymnastics studio, Si Ho makes a rookie mistake which makes her coach tell her off. Her coach tells her that she has to get it together so she can go through to the next round. Later on Si Ho puts hot water in her bottle but dazes off causing her to burn her hand.

At his office Jae Yi thinks over what Ah Young said about liking him. He gets a call from Hwanhee pulling him out of his thoughts. She apoligizes for Sunggu’s actions and they have a long conversation on the phone.

That night Si Ho tosses and turns and decides to take some sleeping pills. She thinks over what her coach had said so she takes more than prescribed.

Bok Joo sits in the weightlifting room and decides to call Joon Hyung. They agree to meet up which causes Joon Hyung to run out of the pool house. Bok Joo rushes to her dorm where she gets the bow hair pin that was for Jae Yi. Outside Bok Joo plays in the snow as Joon Hyung runs over to her. Bok Joo begins to say that she’s had weird feelings, as soon as she came back to school she felt the urge to call Joon Hyung to tell him and she’s been feeling more and more comfortable with him. Finally she says she doesn’t want to give him up and that she likes him. This prompts Joon Hyung to steal a quick kiss but Bok Joo grabs his face and pulls him in. The episode ends as the happy couple continues to steal kisses from one another and smile gleefully.tumblr_oio27axpoh1vyr8bso4_1280


These two episodes were some of the sweetest I’ve ever seen! I’m so glad Bok Joo and Joon Hyung both came to their senses about their feelings. I absolutely adored Jisoo’s cameo, remembering that Nam Joo Hyuk has a really close friendship in real life made the cameo even better. I was slightly disappointed in Seohyun‘s character only because I wanted her to interact with Joon Hyung for a true ‘Scarlet Heart: Ryeo‘ reunion but her character was interesting none the less. I really enjoy that the writers don’t just focus on Bok Joo.While her and Joon Hyung’s relationship is adorable and fun to watch, it was awesome to see some background on Seon Ok and a constantly developing story with Jae Yi and Ah Young. On the topic of ships, it appears a new one has begun! I’m really hoping for more interaction with Seon Ok and Tae Kwan, I think they’d be an extremely cute couple and I’m 100% here for it.

With the amount of squealing, I have to rate these two episode 10/10 especially with the backstories on the side characters!


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