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The actor star Hwang In Youp launching Hi-high fanmeeting

Hwang in Youp appeared in several dramas, but it was his role in ‘True Beauty‘ that made him...


K-EXCLUSIVE: Post-Comeback Interview with Mayhem

Allie NoradoApril 6, 2020
brave girls summer queen banner

BRAVE GIRLS drop the track list to their highly anticipated 5th mini album, ‘Summer Queen’!

Derek FongJune 12, 2021
lightsum vanilla debut mv

LIGHTSUM debut with their sweet and strong MV for ‘Vanilla’!

Derek FongJune 11, 2021
twice alcohol free mv

TWICE are ‘Alcohol-Free’ in their summer comeback MV!

Derek FongJune 10, 2021
exo don't fight the feeling mv

EXO excitedly ‘Don’t Fight the Feeling’ in their long-awaited comeback MV!

Derek FongJune 8, 2021
a.c.e higher siren:dawn banner track list

A.C.E ring in releasing their track list for 5th mini album comeback, ‘SIREN:DAWN’!

Derek FongJune 7, 2021
omega x vamos debut

OMEGA X unveil the first mini album teaser confirming their June debut!

Derek FongJune 5, 2021
n flying man to the moon banner

N FLYING drop their varied highlight medley to 1st full album ‘Man on the Moon’!

Derek FongJune 4, 2021
w24 interview kpop

[K-EXCLUSIVE] W24 candidly discuss their career post-comeback with our interview!

Derek FongJune 3, 2021
mamamoo where are we now mv

MAMAMOO wonders ‘Where Are We Now’ in their sophisticated comeback MV!

Derek FongJune 2, 2021
joy hello mv solo debut

RED VELVET’s JOY says ‘Hello’ in her joyful solo debut MV!

Derek FongJune 1, 2021
twice taste of love banner

TWICE drop the track list and refreshing album trailer ahead of their ‘Taste of Love’ comeback!

Derek FongMay 31, 2021

The actor star Hwang In Youp launching Hi-high fanmeeting

Terry ALsiongMay 30, 2021