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Officially KMUSIC is an extremely devoted website catered to all of your K-Pop needs! An around the clock team provides fans with the latest things K-Pop including: comebacks, news, trends, and much more. We mix things up here at KMUSIC, by providing fun interactives for fans, like games and quizzes. Just like you, everyone here at Officially KMUSIC are devoted to this wonderful world of entertainment, and add a personal touch to all we do. The 100+ staff at Officially KMUSIC are passionate about all things K-Pop, and with this we offer fans experience in excellent customer service and satisfaction.

Our History:

We began on social media when there were no other major K-Pop competitors. After gaining the interest and support of thousands of fans, from our published articles, we launched our official website. With this, we began covering concerts and events around the world! This allowed us to give international fans a chance to see K-Pop up close and personal. We have over nineteen media teams, reaching out across Asia, Australia, the United States, and Europe. This is especially exciting, for Officially KMUSIC is only a few years old.

Having gained the respect as a legitimate news source, we strive to give fans the full honest truth about all of the updates in K-Pop. Journalism integrity is important to us here, and has granted us the success we have today. The website has grown to over 180 staff members, ranging from article writers to translators. This respect has also reached to our vast demographic of visitors to the website. On a single Facebook post, it can get over two million views, with the largest demographic being from the Philippines. Our most popular age demographic are males and females age 18-24. This devotion from loyal followers grants our website over a million website visits a month.


Due to our extreme devotion to inform K-Pop fans on all of the latest news, we offer access on the most popular social networking platforms.

Website: www.officiallykmusic.com
Facebook: facebook.com/officiallykmusicTwitter: twitter.com/officiallykmusic
Instagram: instagram.com/officially_kmusic
Youtube: youtube.com/OfficiallyKmusic


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