BTOB Show They’ll ‘Be Your Man’ In First Comeback Stage

A sea of blue washed over the crowd as BTOB took the stage for M!Countdown in their first comeback stage. The group proved they are more than a ballad group with their intense dancing.

As fans light up the stage with their BTOB lightsticks and slogan towels shining bright blue, the ever talented BTOB showcased numerous talents. Keeping their dance mostly hidden in glimpses in their music video, the full spectrum was seen today as BTOB said ‘I’ll Be Your Man.’ Body rolls, crotch grabs, and more were thrown into the mix. They proved that despite the 2 year gap since they’ve had a dance track, this didn’t diminish their skills.

Precision dance moves were also proven as the members chose to not wear earpieces. They also displayed their live vocals without a hitch despite the demanding dancing. BTOB, known for their powerful vocals and have showed time and time again what true talent is. BTOB proved that their nominee as best vocals for MAMA, the first time since they debuted, was earned through raw talent.

Check out their first stage below:

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Source: Mnet

Edited by: Gigi E.

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Kat Varsos

Kat Varsos

Hi I'm Kat! I'm currently a Sociology major and self teaching myself Korean, I'm a big fan of all things Hallyu, My bias group is BTOB who I met at KCON 2016. My biases include Ilhoon (ultimate, BTOB), Woohyun (Infinite), and Key (Shinee)



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