Changmin Serenades Moon Ga Young in Still Cuts for “Mimi”

Changmin was seen playing his guitar for Moon Ga Young in a scene for their new mini-drama “Mimi“. Viewers will get to watch him sing Lee Hyun Woo‘s “I Have to Forget You“, which serves as the theme song for their love story. A remake of the song sung by Changmin will also be released for the drama’s OST.

A rep commented, “During the scenes in which Changmin serenaded Moon Ga Young with his guitar, the entire staff got lost in the moment and enjoyed it… Check out their sweet and fresh image as shown by Changmin’s serenade on the first broadcast.”

‘Mimi’ portrays the story of a popular webtoon writer Minwoo, who is searching to find the first love he lost when he was younger. Changmin will portray both the younger version of Minwoo who falls in love at the tender age of 18 and the older version who lost her.
Source: Allkpop
Article by: Ingrid Schmidt

Edited by: Angelspatience

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