I've loved Asia in general since I was a little kid, when I used to prefer animes over regular cartoons and my friends thought I was weird. While I became older, my love for Asian culture grew up and I began to listen to japanese music and watch japanese dramas, which I fell in love with. A few years ago, my friends dragged me into the k-pop world and I began so involved with Korea that I think I will never be able to overcome my love for it. I now dream of studying in Korea and, hopefully, working in Seoul and living the rest of my life there. I believe that there's no k-pop group that I really don't like, but my ultimate biases are G-Dragon, Heechul, Hongki, CL, Lee Hi, Hani and Hyuna. I also like YG Appa and JYP a lot, but as fatherly figures, not really as idols.