Winners from the “2013 Idol Star Athletics Championships”

Last year, we had the “5th Idol Star Olympics“. This year,  it’s called, “6th Idol Star Athletics Championships“.

A lot of your favorite idols took part in this ‘Idol Star Olympics’ that is held annually! Some famous idols that were present on this show include: SHINee‘s Minho, INFINITE, EXO, After School, 4minute, 2AM, MBLAQ, Teen Top, B.A.P, Boyfriend, miss A, Ailee, Hello Venus, NU’EST, Tasty, BTOB, 100%, Brown Eyed Girls, Sunny Hill and a lot more!

Now, I give you the winners from the “2013 Idol Star Athletics Championships”!

Below is a list of winners in their corresponding category:

**70m Men’s Hurdle**
Gold: BTOB Minhyuk (Gold)
Silver: Dongjun (Silver)
Bronze: Luhan
4. INFINITE Woohyun
Disqualified: SHINee Minho and Dalmatian Smon

**Men’s High Jump**
Gold: Teen Top Niel (2 consecutive years)
Silver: EXO-M Tao
Bronze: BTOB Minhyuk & Teen Top Ricky

**Men’s Archery**
Gold: ZE:A -76 points
Silver: MBLAQ – 75 points

**70m Women’s Run**
Gold: Tahiti Ji Soo
Silver: Nine Muses Eunji
Bronze: Dalshabet Kah Eun

**70m Men’s Run** 
Gold: BTOB Minhyuk
Silver: INFINITE Hoya
Bronze: Big Star Feeldog
4. Dalmatian Simon

**400m Men’s Relay Run**
Gold: Teen Top
Bronze: ZE:A
4. BAP

**400m Team Relay Run**
Gold: Sistar, DMTN, Boyfriend
Silver: ZE:A, Nine Muses
Bronze: 2AM, MBLAQ, DalShabet
4. INFINITE, After School

**OVERALL Winners**
1. Team D (3 Golds – 1 Silver – 1 Bronze)
2. Team B (2 Golds – 2 Silvers)
3. Team F (2 Golds – 2 Bronze)
4. Team J (2 Golds – 1 Bronze)
5. Team C (1 Gold – 3 Silvers – 2 Bronze)
6. Team E (1 Gold – 1 Silver – 2 Bronze)
7. Team A (1 Gold – 1 Silver – 1 Bronze)
8. Team G (3 Silvers – 1 Bronze)
9. Team 1 (1 Silver)
10. Team H (1 Bronze)

Congratulations to all Winners!


Source: smb2stfinitesubs


Article by: Kim

Edited by: Mariam

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